How Does On Call Parking Accelerate Your Business?


Telephones play a significant role in our lives. If you are working in a call center or a classroom. You must interact with the people around you. In this way, telephones not only let you engage with the people around you, but they also play a vital part in facilitating your daily life. Business phone systems typically have a function called ” on call parking” that allows users to temporarily park an incoming call. It could be a cloud server or an on-premises server.

How On Call Parking Aids VOIP Customers

Assume you have a workshop and must answer a call in the office. You may retrieve it at the office if you contact Parking. Any phone that is connected to the VoIP service can receive incoming calls by entering the access code. However, on call parking is a valuable feature, particularly for VoIP PBX   users.

Eliminate distortion

Utilizing a business VoIP service as opposed to a traditional phone might result in a number of advantages. For instance, you can eliminate distortion, which is a common occurrence when using a normal phone. In addition, you may need to meet with the client or another attorney to address the problem, but are unable to do so due to an unforeseen circumstance.

Virtual parking area

Call Parking reduces the chances that your incoming calls will be forwarded to voicemail by placing them in a virtual parking area. The vehicle remained parked until another agent was available to answer incoming calls. If you receive voicemails, the visual voicemail feature of Dial pad transcribes them so that you can scan them quickly rather than read each one individually.

Creates A Space For Significant Customers

If you have VIP clients, you might designate parking spots for their calls so that they are answered first. It notifies and arranges the clients according to their level of importance.

Increase customer base

Call parking maximizes the usage of available agents to increase the customer base. They accomplish this by granting them access to a constant stream of consumers in need of support. This results in enhanced agent efficiency. A sudden increase in the number of call dropouts or missed calls could be a useful indicator.

This economical business management software allows you to park critical calls and answer them from anywhere using any cell phone you happen to be carrying at the time. This function operates while you are gone from the office.

Voice Analytics

Voice Analytics is a pre-installed set of analytics, dashboards, and reports that give the business-critical, actionable data required to run a company. It was designed with the corporate operations manager in mind ,enables the building of dashboards that display everything from call center statistics to customized reports that allow you to focus on methods to improve employee performance, enables the linking of two connections via a phone extension conference.

Cuts workload

Missed business calls are bad for the company. By restricting calls, on-call parking minimizes the insufficient workload. As VoIP PBX is vital for callers in the office. Any call could be the one you’ve been anticipating. And missed calls may be bad for your company. Communication is the most important factor in the success of your business. Consequently, the most efficient method of attaining one’s objectives is through utilizing the most appropriate communication equipment for one’s corporate communication requirements.

Secure file sharing

As part of its other services, it offers secure file sharing as well. Consequently, secure file sharing for businesses is an excellent tool for fostering growth and efficiency. VoIP offers secure file sharing through which files can be shared securely. It is a more secure and efficient method of file sharing with a wide range of applications. If you are searching for a means to boost your business, you should try implementing this technique. However, on-call parking is a convenient feature, particularly for VoIP PBX users. Moreover, VoIP PBX systems are generally less expensive to maintain and operate than traditional PBXs.


It is an affordable and convenient way to improve your business’s bottom line. By using this feature, you can increase productivity and decrease operational costs. It also helps you communicating to your clients and employees without any disruption.  So if you’re looking for a way to give your business a boost, consider on call parking.

By John Sonron

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