3 Top Call Tracker Apps You Should Know

Did you know that; You can easily track calls coming on your number, or the pro points of call tracker apps are they can also follow someone’s call record. With whom they are calling or all detail with calls time. You can track their ongoing or incoming calls. It helps you track mobile number call history. All there dialed and receive calls on your screen.

There are bulk of call tracker software available in the market which used to track all call history of the target device remotely, which you can use for your children or use in your business to manage all your customer details.

There are the top 3 call tracker apps that you can use as a mobile call spy. We detail research on many top spy apps. After that, we make this list and hope it can help you.


A well-known name in the market, it is the best spy call history app online. It can not only provide you with call history, but it also gives you complete data on their online activities. You can spy on any one phone from this. It tracks all numbers, details their call history, ongoing or incoming calls, record calls, and follow the location of the number.


  • Compatible with IOS, android, window, or macOS
  • Downloading easy and faster
  • Best customer support
  • User-friendly interface


  • Rooting in iPhone for advanced feature
  • One licensed use on one device
  • Bypass is easy

Price: mSpy basic plan starts from $29.99 per month, and you can use only their primary feature. This basic plan can monitor call logs, text messages, or a contact list. You have to buy a premium plan for $69.99 per month if you want premium features. In premium, you can easily monitor their whole screen, social media, website history, or location.


If you are searching for the best parental control app for android, this is the best option. It can easily spy on call history or detect all target phone activities. The best part of TheWiSpy top spy apps is never caught, which makes TheWiSpy personal favorite spy app with a call recorder. You can also use this best call history spy app in the UK and US. Always remember that you are using these apps for your children’s safety. If you used to blackmail or cyberbully, it is a crime, and you have to face severe charges against that.


  • Real-time location accuracy
  • Full of premium features
  • Instant alerts
  • Use without rooting
  • Easy-to-use dashboard


  • Not available for iPhone
  • No free trial

There is no free trial on TheWiSpy. They only offer you a free demo which you can use before purchasing it. You can buy a basic plan for $15.99. In this, you have call spy, text spy, calendar, contact spy, or other basic features. If you want a premium feature, you have to pay $33.99 per month, which provides you with all their premium features. You can use social media spying, spy camera call tracker, and the bulk of the most valuable features.


It is also another spy app that can help you with call tracking, or you can access them with all screens by this spy app. You can get everything on your kid’s phone in 5 minutes. Like others, it gives you your data protection, web history, spy call history, and more. I have only one issue with them they don’t look good in data management—they lose your data after one month.


  • Undetectable app
  • No root or jailbreak
  • Access all social media
  • 24/7 live Support


  • Root iPhone for many features
  • They have a call tracker but No call recorder
  • Expensive then others

As I told you before, it is most expensive than the others with the fewest features. They don’t provide you with extra features which can defend their price tag. Premium is $68 per month, or you can buy their extreme for $349 per year. You can also purchase their lite plan for $29.95, which only provides you with some features you can easily use in free apps.

My Verdict

Our team detailed research on all these spy apps with a call tracker and reviewed them by using these on their system. We use them on android or iPhone. After a critical analysis, we write this detailed article and hope so you like that. TheWiSpy best android spy app because I am also using this for my children’s safety. If you are searching top spy app for android, you should go for that. I am really satisfied with their service. For iPhone, you can go for mSpy, although you must sacrifice some premium features.

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