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The PDF (Portable Document Format) invented by Adobe is a reliable file format that is specifically designed to appear on all the operating devices. Since it is best to transfer and share documents via email or online sharing platforms. However, the file size increases rapidly when you added images or graphics to PDF files. This makes the file unmanageable to both use and shares PDFs on your own computer, via email, or on other platforms. To avoid this problem, it will crucial to compress the PDF file and reduce its size. An ideal PDF size compressor enables you to reduce files without any compromising on the quality. If you are wondering about the best free PDF file compressor, we have discussed some choices for you in this post.

Adobe Acrobat DC:

The Adobe Acrobat is one of the popular software that allows its users to compress PDF file online as it is easy to use on all operating devices. Since free PDF file compressor make large files into the smaller size and easier to share files. You need drag and drop or upload a PDF document to make compression. Once the PDF file could be compressed, you can to store it and share it on various purposes according to your needs. Since you can use this software on any operating device that has web browser. Another benefit of this software is that you can get easy access to mobile platforms.

How to compress a PDF online with Adobe Acrobat?

Step #1:

At first, click on the “Select a file” button or drag and drop files into the drop zone of the compressor.

Step #2:

After that, choose the PDF file you want to make smaller in size.

Step #3:

Once you uploaded the file, Acrobat will automatically reduce the PDF size.

Step #4:

Download your compressed PDF file quickly or sign in to share it.


This software is well-known to proceeds compressions by using a free PDF file compressor online. You can reduce your PDF size for easier share-ability with the assistance of this online pdf size reducer. Whether it doesn’t matter if you want to compress large or small PDF, you can shrink the PDF file without distorting the file quality. Your uploaded and converted files are deleted once the compressions have been done. This PDF compressor is free to use online, there is no restrictions and limitations to performing compressions.

How to reduce PDF files with theonlineconverter?

Step #1:

First of all, upload or drag and drop your PDF file into the pdf file compressor

Step #2:

Click on the “Compress” button and let a PDF shrinker optimize the PDF file

Step #3:

Finally, the PDF compressed file is ready to download, now click on the “Download” button and save it to your storage

Nitro Free PDF file compressor:

This software comes with high-quality as well as unique features that include creating, sharing, editing, and renewing documents. One of the best parts about Nitro PDF is that it will make combined with Nitro Cloud. This combination allows you to make bridge of the gap between document creation and sharing. After that, you can create the file document and also ask for a sign by hitting a single click. This feature makes improvements to in reducing the file. Hence, Nitro PDF is a full PDF management software with a high range of functionalities.

How to compress the PDF file with Nitro PDF?

Step #1: Reduce PDF file size by free PDF file compressor

  • Open the PDF document in Nitro PDF Pro
  • Click File > Print
  • Choose Nitro PDF Creator from the list
  • Click the Properties button and then select Web-ready compression quality
  • Click “OK”.

Step #2: Make PDF smaller with ‘Save As’

  • Open the PDF file in the Nitro Pro editor
  • Click the button “Save As”

Step #3: Decrease PDF file size by removing unwanted objects

  • Open the PDF documents in Nitro Pro
  • Click File to Optimize PDF file
  • In the Optimize PDF, select Reduced size
  • Choose the objects to remove
  • Click OK, then Optimize the file 

Step #4: Save your compressed file

  • At last, you need to save tour new PDF files instantly by clicking on the download button

Small PDF:

Small PDF is a good choice to make PDF compressions with a free PDF file compressor in a couple of seconds. Just drag and drop or upload your PDF file into the designated box of the PDF file reducer whether it does not if you use Mac, Windows, or Linux. Since this software supports all the operating devices that have web browsers. You do not need to worry about your files because your files are permanently deleted from the server after one hour once the compression has been done.

How to reduce a PDF size online with SmallPDF?

Step #1:

To start the process, upload your file to this PDF file compressor.

Step #2:

This tool will automatically begin to shrink the file.

Step #3:

You can continue to adjust your PDF document if you want.

Step #4:

Save your compressed PDF file by click on the download button

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