5 Best Cheapest Action Cameras That Cost Under $100 in BD

5 Best Cheapest Action Cameras

The arrival of GoPro on the market revolutionized the world of professional photography, making the action and sports camera incredibly popular. Whether you’re an adventure sports enthusiast looking to capture every moment during a high-speed jump, a scuba dive session, a ski session, or you’re eagerly waiting to produce animated documentary videos, the action camera is the most valuable tool you can own.

GoPro has dominated the market for over a decade now, due to its popularity among professionals, the availability of compatible accessories, and above all, due to the quality of its cameras. However, before buying it is worth looking at other brands (less popular than GoPro, admittedly) with great technical characteristics at affordable prices and action camera price in bd.

Factors to consider when buying your action or sports camera

Those new to the concept of motion video and photography should seriously consider the following when choosing their action camera.

The price of the camera: Your budget determines the actual range in which you can look for your action camera. Ideally, it can be difficult to find a GoPro under $100. Even a basic model costs at least $130. When preparing a budget, you should also consider a number of compatible accessories and their prices.

Complementary Accessories: Although manufacturers provide basic equipment such as a waterproof case with the camera, it is still necessary to purchase the best quality compatible accessories that best suit your camera. Some basic requirements include mounts, tripods, filters, long life batteries, etc.

Camera Features and Functionality: At the end of the day, the quality of your image or video is what matters most. Decide on the quality of image or video resolution you want to get. Consider choosing the highest number of pixels for photos and 4k resolution to get the best results with the final edited video.

Priotection for weather resistance: Your action camera is often exposed to humidity and temperature variations. Your camera should therefore have a waterproof case or protection with a good seal to guarantee greater durability and gopro hero 9 price in bd.

Camera shape, dimensions and weight: An action camera is usually installed on the photographer’s body during high-speed travel. So choose a camera with an extremely compact design (preferably in the form of a box) and a lightweight model for convenient mounting.

Top 6 Cheapest Cameras Sold Under $100

1. Polaroid Cube+ Lifestyle 1080p HD Action Camera – $99.99

This attractive 35 mm (1.4 inch) cube-shaped camera with waterproof housing up to 10 meters deep is suitable for all your video surveillance needs with good WiFi synchronization thanks to the Cube + application. Plus, a range of powerful tools let you monitor and control operations through iOS and Android screen devices. Ideal for taking timelapse (ultra-accelerated) videos, this camera can take up to 100 views at 10fps.

Key Features and Functionality

  •     Microprocessor: Ambarella A7LS
  •     Image sensor: 8MP CMOS
  •     Battery: 600mAh Li-ion battery included (85mins video recording when shooting at 1440p/60fps)
  •     Compatible memory card: Micro SD card with a capacity of up to 128 GB.
  •     Lens: 124° Lens
  •     Frame rate: 120fps, 60fps, 30fps
  •     Image resolution: 8MP
  •     Video resolution: 1440p at 30fps; 1080p at 30/60fps; 720p at 30/60/120fps
  •     Media Format: MP4, JPEG
  •     Connectivity: USB, Wifi or the Cube+ app
  •     Water resistance: Waterproof case up to 10 meters deep

2. YI Action Camera – $99.99

The YI action camera is a superb tool for professionals wishing to capture sporting events with a documentary style. The extra-armored structure waterproof up to 40 meters deep is the best option for capturing exceptional underwater footage. The camera supports MP4 and JPEG media file formats on different storage devices including MicroSD/HC/XC card up to 64GB. With different connectivity options, users can use Bluetooth, micro B USB, Wifi, HDMI or the application to access the videos.

Key Features and Functionality

    Microprocessor: Ambarella A7LS

    Image sensor: 1/2.3″ 16 Megapixel CMOS

    Battery: 1010 mAh (80 minutes of recording when filming at 1080/60fps)

    Compatible memory card: TF card, MicroSD/HC/XC card with capacity up to 64GB

    Lens: 155° wide angle lens

    Frame rate: 120fps, 60fps, 30fps

    Image resolution: 16MP

    Video resolution: 1080p@60/48/30/24fps, 960@60/48fps;720p@48/60/120fps;480p@40fps

    Media format: MP4, JPEG

    Connectivity: Bluetooth, micro B USB, Wifi, HDMI, or app

    Waterproofing: Extra-armoured structure waterproof up to 40 meters deep (with the case)

4. Amkov AMK7000S – $99.99

Featuring a heat-dissipating and shock-resistant zinc alloy steel body with a Sunplus 6350M microprocessor, this 12MP camera is suitable for long-lasting shooting with a reinforced 1150mAh battery. The camera has a wide range of features such as anti-shake technology, loop recording and setting options like burst mode. You can view notifications on the front screen and see the video displayed on the 2″ LCD screen.

Key Features and Functionality

    Microprocessor: Sunplus 6350M

    Screen: 2” rear LCD screen

    Battery: 1150mAh (90mins recording)

    Compatible memory card: TF card up to 32GB (not included with purchase)

    Lens: 170° wide angle lens

    Frame rate: 120fps, 60fps, 30fps

    Image resolution: 12 MP

    Video resolution: 4K@10fps, 2.7k@15fps, 1080p@60/30fps, 720p@60/120fps

    Media format: MP4, JPEG

    Connectivity: Micro HDMI, Micro USB, Wi-Fi and the AMK icam app

    Waterproofing: Extra-resistant structure waterproof up to 40 meters deep (with the case)

5. Elephone Explorer – $69.99

It’s a cheap option for novice photographers just getting into the world of action cameras. It also has a 2 “LCD screen, as well as a Wifi connection to view your recording on the screens of Android and iOS devices.

Key Features and Functionality

     Image sensor: AptinaAR0330 sensor

     Battery: 900mAh (90 mins)

     Compatible memory card: MicroSD/Micro SDHC (up to 32 GB)

     Lens: 170° wide angle

     Video resolution: 4K@15fps, 1080p@30fps, 720p@30/60/fps

     Media format: MP4, JPEG

     Connectivity: Wi-Fi, HDMI, Micro USB, App

     Water resistance: 30 meters (with protective case)


The aforementioned list of 6 cheap cameras under $100 is based on features, performance, and recommendations from pro photography veterans. If you have a good user experience with another camera in this price range that you think deserves to be on this list, please share your views in the comment section below.

However, if you’re interested in cameras in the upper $100-200 range, read our article on the best cameras between $100 and $200.

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