5 Important Areas Of Digital Marketing Every Brand Should Focus On

Digital Marketing

Are you a business owner or startup entrepreneur looking to explore digital marketing for the first time in your life?

Do you know about all the channels of digital marketing, which your business should concentrate or focus upon?

Have you ever tried improving your sales and revenue generation by exploring new platforms like Ecommerce, social media and aggregator platforms?

Digital Marketing is something, which almost all brands, big or small are looking to explore in a major way. According to data, nearly 60% of all buyers are researching their interests online.
People interested in this field would love to hear more detailed information about it. It will be a great topic to discuss in the podcast. Have a spotify account and want more visibility? The easiest way is to buy soundcloud plays.

This means that brands are flocking to various digital channels to-

Increase visibility, exposure and reach in front of their target audiences.

Give them options to buy directly from online channels through ecommerce

Build a brand and establish credibility by engaging and interacting with customers

Transform themselves into authority voices in their industry niche.

Improve sales, generate revenues and contribute to profits from online marketing

In this article, we are going to explore five key channels of digital marketing, which every brand should focus on.

5 Key Areas of Digital Marketing to concentrate on: The List

Social Media Platforms-

If your brand does not have a social media presence, you are missing out on nearly 3 billion users who actively partake in social media activities. It is essential that your brand has an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snap, LinkedIn and others. Depending upon your industry niche, you can select the platforms, which you feel are most suited to your audience and business.

Search engine presence through Brand Website or Ecommerce-

No matter what kind of a business you represent, people are searching for that on search engines like Google, Bing and Safari. The key is to maintain a good presence through building a great company website. It should be SEO friendly and have all the information regarding your business. This means having client testimonials, case studies, contact details, nature of services and the costing (if possible). This will ensure you get regular queries.

Aggregator platforms that promote Online activities-

Getting your brand digital real estate on credible aggregator platforms can serve multiple digital marketing goals. Not only are you going to increase exposure and build credibility, you are also going to build backlinks, which are fantastic in SEO terms. This will open up your business to explore exciting new digital opportunities like never before. Customers who see your brand on aggregator platforms would like to place orders or reach out to you.

Review Platforms like Quora, Reddit and Medium-

The three above-mentioned platforms are like helplines for people when they are researching a business or a requirement. The community nature of these platforms make them very credible and trustworthy. As a brand, you need to find ways and means of continuously seeding your brand content on these review platforms. The more people engage with the advice or suggestion on a thread (which has your brand’s hyperlink), the better will be the results.

Have an Ecommerce presence-

Having an identity on huge aggregator ecommerce platforms like Amazon is great, but brands need to carve a niche for themselves in the long run. The intent of digital is to open as many channels of doing sales and generating revenues as possible. This is why every brand should look to explore setting up an individual ecommerce presence. Apart from carving a branded niche, it also contributes to a host of learning opportunities when it comes to digital.


Digital is no longer the future, but the very present of how brands and businesses are going to do business. This transformation has been accelerated by the recent global health crisis. 

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