5 Reasons Why Hiring Professional Floral Designers Is Worth It

Hiring Professional Floral Designers

Professional floral designers add value to events of all sizes, from intimate dinners with 20 guests to large galas with hundreds of attendees. Their expertise extends far beyond their green thumbs and enables them to create spectacular arrangements that wow guests and leave a lasting impression. Professional floral designers not only have the knowledge and experience to create a unique floral design and memorable centerpieces, but they also have the tools (e.g., lighting) and resources (e.g., plants) that most event planners do not. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party or a large-scale gala, hiring professional floral designers is almost always worth it for these five reasons:

You Don’t Have The Time Or Expertise To DIY

Whether you’re new to event planning or are just trying to focus on other aspects of your event, such as guest experience, DIY décor is not the best use of your time. While there are many great tutorials and resources out there, the trick to a seamless floral design is to understand the depth and intricacies of flower types and how they work together. The key to a well-designed floral arrangement is when different flower types are selected and placed together in a way that complements each other, rather than competing with each other. Achieving this can be done by anyone, but doing so consistently and flawlessly takes years of practice and experience. For example, if you love the look of tropical arrangements, but your wedding is in the middle of February, it won’t work. Tropical and temperate flowers have different needs, and mixing them together won’t produce the look you’re going for. Good floral designers will know this, but if you DIY, you risk compromising the look you’re going for.

A Good Florist Will Help You Achieve Your Vision

Speaking of tropical and temperate flowers, a good florist will help you achieve your desired look despite the season or specific flower types you prefer e.g maybe a champagne wall rental will look better for the overall design. Professional florists use their expertise and knowledge to select the best flowers for your event, regardless of their origin or growing season. A good florist will also be able to guide you through the different types of arrangements available, such as table-top, bouquets, centerpieces, garlands, and swags, and help you select the one that best suits your event and budget.

Professional Floral Designers Have The Tools & Resources You Don’t

More so than event planners, professional floral designers have access to the tools and resources necessary to create stunning displays that elevate any affair. They are professionals in providing beautiful flower wall installation for events. While some event planners have access to lighting and/or staging, only a fraction have the resources necessary to source high-quality, exotic plants. While most event planners have access to a local florist, only a select few have the option of working with a top-notch vendor. The key to working with a top-notch vendor is knowing where to look because not all florists are created equal. To maximize your event’s floral design, you’ll want to find a florist with the following three attributes: – A great reputation. If you’ve never worked with a florist before, start by asking people in your network for recommendations. Additionally, you can always search for florists online and read reviews to get an idea of their reputation. – A track record of success. Visiting a florist with a track record of success speaks volumes about their abilities. Whether you’re working with a local florist or a floral designer, find out what their past clients have to say about their work. – The right tools for the job. You’ll want to ensure the florist you work with has access to the right tools for the job, including plants. Most florists have access to a variety of common plants, but working with a florist who has a large exotic plant selection is ideal for creating highly customized displays.

Professional Floral Designers Are Experts At Managing Décor Risk

When it comes to floral design, there are multiple risks to managing décor: – Floral Design Risk. First, floral design risk refers to the possibility that your floral design will not look as beautiful in real life as it does in the florist’s shop. This may be due to a number of reasons, including the florist not having access to the right flowers, the wrong types of containers being used, not enough flowers being used, or the wrong types of flowers being used. – Weather Risk. Next, weather risk refers to the possibility that your flowers may not last as long as you’d like them to, or as long as they normally would. For example, tropical flowers may not last as long as temperate flowers in the middle of February. – Display Risk. Display risk refers to the possibility that your flowers will not be displayed as attractively as they could be, due to an unskilled person handling them. – Budget Risk. Finally, budget risk refers to the possibility that your flowers will be more expensive than they should be. This type of risk can be avoided by doing your research, asking questions, and not being afraid to walk away if things don’t feel right.

Professional Florists Can Manage Timing Risk Too

There are also timing risks associated with floral design, most notably the risk that your flowers won’t be delivered on time. While most florists will do their best to deliver your flowers on time, there is always the possibility that something will go wrong and they will miss their deadline. While it may not be possible to completely avoid these risks altogether, it is possible to minimize them by working with a reputable florist who has ample experience delivering on time, despite the risks that are out of their control.


Hiring professional floral designers is almost always worth it because they bring creativity, skills, and resources that most event planners don’t. Professional floral designers are able to source higher-quality flowers at a lower cost and use their tools and resources to create arrangements that last longer. Professional floral designers help you achieve your vision and manage risk throughout the floral design process.

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