5 Useful Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bathtub

A long, hot bath is everybody’s wish after a hectic day. It has the power to vanish your problem, heal your hurt, and deter your stress. Meanwhile, bathroom fixtures are getting popular with innovative and stylish designs, and one immediately remembers bathtubs when talking about bathroom fixtures. Nevertheless, it is the main asset in a bathroom. 

So there are many things to consider when you want to purchase a bathtub. You must also be aware of your current financial situation and other factors to determine the best one for you. And it is now necessary for you to study more about bathtubs and how to select the best one. Thus, learn about the elements you must consider before purchase.

  1. Size 

The size is an essential factor to think about. So before selecting, ensure you have the required space. Also, remember that the bigger the size, the higher the cost will be.

  1. Weight 

Never forget to check the weight since heavy ones need additional structures to support and balance them. You must also check whether the floor can handle the new weight or not. So seek a professional inspection when you don’t know to judge.

  1. Material

Finding a bathtub worth your money can be difficult because they are made of many materials. You should also consider the quality in addition to preferences and availability. For example, fibreglass though transparent and porous, is known for being resilient. 

So some are made of porcelain, which is quite different from fibreglass because it is non-porous. Also, many people would pick stone resin material, especially if they wish to install them outside. Some people even choose ceramic for its style.

  1. Types

There are many different types to choose from. So after determining the material, explore the styles and select your favourite one, and some of them are as follows:

Soaking – These are small and circular-shaped; they are higher than ordinary ones, though. Additionally, due to its compactness, it is ideal for small bathrooms.

Corners –They are more oversized baths that are built-in corners.

Freestanding – They are popular and affordable freestanding models, and they don’t need walls and may be placed anywhere. 

Clawfoot – It is akin to the freestanding with intricate, decorative clawfoot on the bottoms.

Alcove – In the space between three adjoining walls, an alcove is constructed. They can be connected with a shower and are ideal for tiny dwellings.

  1. Style 

Given that it can be designed in various ways, you could also want to take the style into account. For instance, freestanding types can be found in clawfoot, angled, or oval configurations. And to maximise space in the bathroom, you may also locate tubs specially constructed to fit in the corner. Even ones against a wall can be seen, and it will rely on your demands and desires, as was already said. 

However, you might also want to consider your existing situation. And if you have a small bathroom, a corner or back-to-wall tub can be your best option. But if you have a large bathroom, for example, with a lot of additional space, you might choose freestanding ones for the aesthetics.

So, to sum up, it is essential to consider all the factors aforementioned. And even if you have more money but spend it on the wrong one that does not fit your home, all your money can go in vain. So, check the size, material, type, and style before making your final decision. 

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