5 Ways to Improve the Performance of your VPS Server Malaysia

VPS Server Malaysia


Is your website getting high performance? Is your website getting high conversion rates?

If you are not getting any of the benefits then your website needs some upgradation. So, that it helps in receiving you the high conversion rate and high traffic. 

Seamless performance plays a very essential role in business growth. If your website is getting high performance, soon you start getting a great user experience and a high number of engaging leads. However, if your website is getting slow performance, then you can lose your clients. 

If you think which web hosting platform provides the high performance. So, you start getting high-engaging leads. If you choose VPS Server Malaysia, as your web hosting platform, you get a seamless performance for the website. It is available at a very cheap price. The most beneficial feature of Best VPS Malaysia is that you can configure it for high performance according to your requirements. 

About VPS Malaysia

VPS Server Malaysia provides you with a dedicated server environment within a shared physical server. Virtualization technology has been used to divide a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. This technology is also known as a “Hypervisor” technology. 

VPS hosting provides you the various resources like RAM, Bandwidth, CPU processor, SSD Disk Drive, and many more. All these resources are also provided in the shared hosting but you have to share each resource with your neighboring websites. But in the case of VPS Hosting, you do not need to share the resources. You are provided with an isolated and secured environment for the website in Best VPS Malaysia. So, that you can smoothly run the website with the help of these resources. 

5 Indicators that your Site is Performing Slowly

SEO Ranking

SEO plays a very important role in your online business. Google ranks that website first which has high performance and high speed. According to research in 2010, Google added page load speed as a crucial factor in the SEO ranking. A high-performance website ranks top on Google and gets high traffic and more engaging leads. 

To improve the user experience, Google also checks the session time and bounce rate of the website. The website which has a high session time and less bounce rate rank first on Google. So, choose VPS Server Malaysia to get a high ranking on Google.

The Traffic of the Website

From the above point, you might be clear that how a slow a website affects your SEO ranking. If your website is slow, then it results in less organic traffic. According to the research, it has been found that 80% of the users never return to the website if they experience the slow performance of the website. 

If the website has high performance, then it also increases the page views and conversion rate of the website. So, choose VPS Malaysia for getting the high peak in traffic for your online business. 

User Experience

The slow performance of the website gives you a very bad user experience. The slow speed of the web page irritates the user and then they eave your website. According to the research, 40% of the users leave the website if the site takes a loading time of more than 3 seconds. And 47% of users who browse the E-Commerce website for online shopping, want that the website should load within 2 seconds.

If your website has a bad user experience, then it leads to an increase in the bounce rate of the site and a decrease in the click-through rate (CTR) of the website. So, to get a better user experience for the website, you should choose VPS Server Malaysia. 

Conversions and Sales

As everyone knows, the slow speed and performance of the website lead to a decrease in the sales and conversion of the website. According to the research, 46% of unhappy customers give a negative impact on the E-Commerce website. And 44% of them share their experience by giving them a review on the website. This also led to a decrease in the product sale of the website. If you want high product sales for your online business, you should choose Cheap Malaysia VPS which is available with lots of benefits and resources.  

Ways to Improve the Performance of VPS Server Malaysia

VPS Hosting Malaysia

Optimize the Apache Server

Apache server can be considered as the base of the VPS Server Malaysia. If you change the settings of the Apache server, it shows the impact on the performance of the website. However, its automatic setting is good, so you can start with them. You can change the Apache server setting under your website requirements. Moreover, if misconfigured the Apache server setting, then it slows down the performance of the website. 

Keep MySQL Database Updated

MySQL is a database in which all your website data is to be stored. It can be considered an important factor for the performance of the website. However, the updates of MySQL software come regularly. Each update improves the performance of the software. Therefore, make sure that your MySQL database is always updated with the latest version. So, to keep updated with the latest version, you should choose VPS Hosting Malaysia for your website. 

Content Optimization

Content is also considered an important factor in the SEO ranking and the performance of the website. As your content ranks on Google, your content also grows on Google. All your website’s content takes the storage space and bandwidth of your server. If you do not optimize your content, it takes time in ranking and also decreases the performance of the website. So, optimize your content and improve the performance of the website in the VPS Server Malaysia. 

Use the CDN

As everyone knows, a slow internet connection affects the performance of the website. Although, the slow speed of the internet, the content takes time delivering the content between the user’s browser and your server. The Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides various copies of the website’s content and stores the information across the global network of servers. However, when the user browses the website, their inquiry is received, then their location is figured out, and the content is served from the server from which the location is nearest to them. It increases the session time of the website which leads to an increase in the performance of the website. So, choose VPS Server Malaysia to get high traffic for your website

Brief of Serverwala Hosting Provider

Serverwala Cloud Data Center comes up in the top web hosting providers in VPS Server Malaysia. The company is providing VPS Server services for the last 8 years. So, it can be said that they have expertise in this field. 

They have a team of tech-efficient engineers that are available at your service 24/7. You can connect through various platforms like Live Chat, Mail, and Ticket system in VPS Hosting Malaysia. They also provide you the seamless performance and high speed for your website at very Cheap Malaysia VPS plans and packages. They also give you the 99.90% uptime that makes your website always available online.

You can check their client’s reviews if you have any doubt about their services. They have already solved 1M+ clients’ requests and all the users are satisfied with their services.


From the above discussion, you come to know the factors which decrease the performance of the website. However, you also come to know the ways of improving the VPS Server Malaysia. If you choose Serverwala as your hosting provider, you get an increase in the performance and speed of your website. Moreover, with the high performance, you also get an increase in the traffic and engaging leads for the website. Therefore, an increase in website traffic also increases the product sales of the website. 

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