6 signs of roof damage

Know about the signs of roof damage that appears inside your house

Roof damage can be very dangerous for your home and family members if you do not address the issue immediately after noticing the issue. You may ask now, how to detect if there is any damage on your roof. Well, you need to inspect your roof regularly to find out if there is any damage on your roof. However, you may notice a few signs that indicate roof damage. Hence, you should know the signs of possible roof damage.

So, now let us understand the signs of roof damage that you can see from inside your house.

Ceiling stains

Sometimes roof damage can cause stains on your roof. This is a result of water leakage. Water leakage can cause yellow or brown stains on your ceiling because of the holes present on your roof and gaps in your roofing material. This leads to discoloration of your ceiling and thus gives an unpleasant look to your home. Hence, you need to replace the broken shingle on your roof to ensure that water does not seep in to the ceiling to cause any type of damage to your ceiling.  

Presence of Mold

When you notice mold or mildew build-up in your home, you should understand there is excess moisture in your home that is causing germ or mold build-up in your home. You might notice this on your ceiling first. Sometimes, mold build-up causes further health hazards to your loved ones. Hence, you need to get your roof repaired immediately after you notice such things inside your house.  

Increased Electricity Bills

When you notice high energy bills for a couple of months then it might be because of the damaged attic insulation. When your roof gets damaged it further leads to damaged attic insulation. This attracts the rodents to enter your attics and leave waste material in the attics through the broken area of your roof. When your attic gets damaged, your heating and cooling systems work harder to ensure your room temperature is normal, which may further cause high energy bills. If you notice high electricity bills, you need to check if there are any damages on your roof.

Narrow Windows and Doors

When your roofing system gets damaged then it affects the entire structure of your home, its windows, and doors. The movement and weight of the damaged roof create extra pressure on the structure of your home. Hence they shift and bend under the weight. Hence, your doors and windows do not open or you may face difficulties while you open or close them.

Sunlight entering into your house through attics

When you can see sunlight peeping into your house through attics then you should understand that there is damage on your roof. When your roof is broken, you can see the sunlight entering your house easily through the attics. So, you need to inspect the damage on your roof and get it fixed as soon as with the help of a professional roofer.

Electrical Shortages

Water leakage can damage the interior look damaged and this problem gets worsen if not addressed immediately. Moreover, this problem can further damage your electrical systems and cause electrical shortages. This might be very dangerous for your home and can cause fire hazards at times. Water-related issues can cause serious damage inside your home and make you spend a lot on rectifying these issues.


You need to inspect your roof regularly so that you can detect the problems on your roof and get them resolved immediately. If you do not take care of your roof then it can show signs of decay inside and outside your house, which can be very dangerous later. You can hire our roofing experts to get your roof inspected and repaired so that it does not create any damage inside your house.

You can hire our professional roofers to get your roof inspected so that they can detect if any problem is there on your roof and get it fixed as soon as possible. You can contact Deangelo Roofing contractors if you want to hire a professional roofer in your location. We deal in all types of roofing services including roof inspection, attic inspection, roof repair, and installation. You can hire us to get your roofing issues resolved without any problems.

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