6 Things You Didn’t Know About APA Papers

APA Papers


When writing a research paper or making a research report, you need to organize it in APA style. Americal Psychology Association APA papers are for psychology students. The question arises: Why does one need a research paper in APA style? Here is the answer. It provides the writer with guidelines for creating a well-formatted research document. APA papers help writers develop consistency in their research document, which is effective in the reader’s eye. Your audience and university professors will easily understand your research and give you good grades. It makes a research paper easy to read and understand.

When the research paper sources are in a uniform format, it provides a constant flow, and the reader focuses quickly on the data and information of your research. The social sciences students have to write in APA style, so they should get the basics principles of APA paper style. APA style provides clarity to complex research topics. One of the significant reasons students choose an APA-style paper is to encourage the main topic of their research and explain their original opinions and ideas. This article provides information about the six things you did not know about APA papers. These are the guidelines to write in APA style. Although to make your research paper successful, you can also get research paper writing help.  

Formatting of the APA Papers: Guidelines

Students and professionals of various disciplines use APA papers. Such as business, psychology, social sciences, nursing, hospitality, and economics. It includes the sections that are as follows in which you need to address different types of information:

Title Page:

It is the cover page of all APA papers. Its name tells as it is here to present the title of your topic. It is where you inform the reader about your research subject and engage them in your research. It includes the following components:

  1. Title of the paper; your name and your university name.
  2. Course Name
  3. Instructor Name
  4. Names of all the authors
  5. Due date of the paper

The title should be between 12-15 words, and it may reflect the content of your paper. Create the title page header in MS Word using “View Header.” Ensure that you use a running head in APA format. Centre your title on the page in uppercase letters.


An APA abstract is a summary of your paper. It is not more than 150 words to 200 words, one paragraph. In the Abstract, you address the problem statement, hypothesis, predictions, results, and research methodologies. It provides an overview of your topic. Almost all research papers require an abstract. You have to write an abstract on a separate page after the title page. Use block format in abstract, i.e., do not use indent or double space. Abstract depends upon the topic you choose. You can only give an overview of the problem, research methods, and discussion. Please do not make it too long.


The introduction of APA papers is a bit tricky to write. An attractive or good introduction will summarize and integrate the empirical data or information. The introduction starts from the next page, and it should not be too broad. Get more focus on your topic in the introduction paragraph. The main body of your APA-style paper starts with an introduction, then research methods, and then a conclusion. Your introduction should follow a logical flow of ideas that leads to the statement problem. Check your introduction with your professors to get more guidelines for what more information should be included. Try to write the introduction after completing the paper.


The method section of an APA paper is the easiest to write, but it requires precision. It aim to describe the details of your research study and what methods you used to analyze the data or experiments. The method section should explain your methods so that anyone can copy them exactly to produce correct results. The method section can also include the material or apparatus and procedures you used to evaluate your research in the method section.


The participants’ section of the APA style paper requires the range of all the people that helped you in your research paper. For example, your supervisor, your board members, and others. Try to avoid making short sentences. As you know, the APA style is to make a clear image of your research paper. Write them in tabular format for a better understanding.


In this part of the APA-style paper, you create a list of references. It is the last page of your document. It includes detailed information from which you have taken help to write your research. Here you need to indent each subsequent line ½ inch. It is a hanging indent, and you can put it quickly using the ruler of MS word. Use left to justify the first line of each reference. Write the author’s name in capitalized form and alphabetize your list of authors’ names. Use double-space between the references. Some of the tips included in the APA paper are:

  • Show numbering on every page in the right-hand corner. It has a running header that shows the paper title.
  • The entire APA style paper should have 1.5 line spacing, not to give extra space between the paragraphs.
  • The font will be Times New Roman, whereas the size is always 12.
  • Standard margins are 1 inch on all sides of the paper.


Using APA paper style, you will improve your writing skills and effectively present your points to others concisely. APA style also protects the writer from any potential presentation problems. The importance of citations is vital in a research paper. The above six things are imperative for an APA paper’s formatting style. You can write an APA paper using the above-described methods and make your research outstanding and rewarding.

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