7 Best Facebook Ads Agencies in the USA

facebook ads agencies

Advertisements once use to be only what we saw on our television screens. With the advancement in all areas, advertisement methodology also expanded. Now advertisements are seen on other platforms as well. Such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and any application, etc. In order to boost businesses with advanced advertisement strategies, owners require the help of Ads Agencies. Within the span of time, Facebook Ad management services are growing, they are the fastest and most reliable.

The purpose of ad agencies is to help a business in getting more prominence for their content and boost traffic. Their purpose is to promote business and its services to their core website content. As one new thing takes place, we get many versions of it. So is the case of Ad agencies. There is a variety of Ad agencies but choosing among them the best Facebook advertising agency can be tricky. Because what we look for is that agency set up the target greater, brings site traffic, more impressions, and even click-through-rate (CTR).

Businesses grow and require higher business strategies that make them sustainable in the market. Hence, to bring to your notice the seven best Facebook ads agencies in the USA are as follows: –

Digital Spades

Digital Spades works with a passion and determination of accepting challenges. They bring new marketing techniques to the Digital marketing arena. As they bring new strategies into the market for promoting business in all terms, Digital Spades is a trusted Facebook Ad Management services provider. Other than their SEO service, they provide services in Website development and design, branding, PPC, and SEM.

Digital Spades is USA’s best Facebook advertising agency because of their excellence and professionality which can be witnessed in their work. Spades provide stellar results by using sophisticated strategies in advertising.

Voy Media

Voy Media is another best Facebook ads agency that targets e-commerce visitors. Whether you need the advertisements on any platforms Voy Media handles them with their talented staff, who have the great experience in campaigning. The pricing rate for every agency differs according to their system based on the amount of money you spend on ads each month.


This is an integrated advertising agency that believes in the game-changing power. CIBO works on paid advertising campaigns and is also known as one of the best advertising agencies in the USA. They guide customers through a brand experience, awareness, status, and influence. The less focus on direct conversions, but the experienced team gives full brand experience.


It has been known as one of the leading social media advertising agencies that work for medium-level businesses. Orion helps medium-level businesses to survive in the market with digital marketing strategies. Every agency has its own approaches to promoting the business, Orion does it through a data-driven approach to generate an outstanding ROI for their customers.

Sprague Media

If comparing agencies and categorizing among the best, Sprague Media is a small agency. It works with small and medium-sized niches. Even if they are a small agency, it does not matter because they fulfill their purpose with flexibility, and speed of execution. Sprague Media brings to the table, what the client asks for. They tend to bring results even on small budgets, and that too with brilliant results.

Lyfe Marketing

This is a social media management company that focuses on offering services like social media advertising, SEO, and website design services. Lyfe is recognized as USA’s vital agency that works for their clients, those who start with the business but have little knowledge of brand awareness and they do not know how to boost their business. Their social media advertising services help the customers to get the most effective advertising method with the help of the experienced team.

Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a digital marketing agency that pays more attention to the emphasis on its marketing and advertising platform. It consists of a team that specializes in social media management that covers all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. They offer management of Facebook advertising through their strategies of targeting Ads Platform. They use an algorithm that enables the clients to spend more on performing ads and gaining audience traffic.

Get the best ROAS with Digital Spades

In many ways, after bringing the list of best agencies in the USA, Digital Spades stands the best because of its sophisticated social media advertising network. Facebook ads have become quite complicated with the demand of online business. But when choosing the Facebook Ad management services wisely, we get what we want at low-cost budgets. However, particularly if one wants to get highly detailed targeting work, then Digital Spades is the best Facebook advertising agency.

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