7 Easy Ways to Build Your Skincare Without Breaking the Bank

There are many reasons why you need to have a skincare routine. First, it is a way to protect your skin from environmental factors like harmful UV rays and allergens. Establishing a skincare routine also enhances your looks, confidence, and overall self-image. It is also one of the most effective ways to practice self-love!

However, many look at pampering and taking care of the skin as a luxury. Sure, there are a lot of high-end skin products that will give you a run for your money. But skincare need not be expensive for it to become effective. 

Nowadays, there are way too many products in the market that can make you achieve your dream skin—without spending so much money on them. You need to know what your skin exactly needs—from your skin type and possible allergies to filter out products that might do more harm than good for your skin.

So, here are some easy tips for effective skincare without breaking the bank and ruining your skin in the process!

 1.    Consult a dermatologist first. 

If you’re still starting to establish your routine, it’s best to seek advice from a professional dermatologist first. From here, you’ll know your skin type and the products that will rightly work for you.

By starting right, you don’t have to try numerous products on your skin that can trigger pesky breakouts if incompatible. The amount of money you’ll spend exploring skin products until you find the right one can even equal the cost of that one derma appointment that could’ve changed your skincare journey. 

Some might get overwhelmed by how much an appointment costs, but don’t worry! You can find some great discounts all over the internet or even free skin assessments! What a steal, right?

2.    Only keep the essentials.

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Ask yourself—do you need a twenty-step routine to keep that youthful glow? Finding what works for you should be enough.

Maintaining your skin is simple once you already know which products are suitable for your skin (unless you have a permanent skin condition). There are also tips on maintaining your youthful skin in just simple ways. Take note of the trinity of every skincare – cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 

Cleaning deep down is the right way to do it. Our skin has tiny pores that store micro dirt. It can accumulate and create more problems. Cleansing every day is the best way to treat your skin right. Also, finding the best moisturizer for your skin can save you from expensive skin treatments in the future. 

For those who commute to their offices daily, sunscreen is your holy grail. The skin needs to have at least SPF30 sunscreen every day to avoid aging and discoloration. One of the quick beauty hacks that levels your everyday life is a sunscreen that doubles as a concealer! Imagine being protected while looking cute? Who wouldn’t want that? 

3.    Explore (cautiously) skin products that fit your skin.

It is best to keep in mind that people have different skin types. What works for an influencer doesn’t guarantee that it will work for you, too. There are also a lot of trends emerging nowadays, so discerning within this pool of choices should be your mindset instead of trying everything at once. 

What would work better is to rotate your routine now and then to spruce up your skin needs. You can also insert other processes like applying toner, or if you have a pimple outbreak, using products with hyaluronic acid can do the trick! 

Exfoliation can also work when done with care and at the right time. It cleanses your skin deeply, but be careful! The process can dry out your skin, so make sure that you’ve got your moisturizer ready!

4.    Be patient with results!

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One of the most common concerns in using skincare products is their effectiveness. Maybe it’s because of the product, or maybe, it is because you have not used it long enough to see the difference.

Sticking to a routine ensures that you’re getting what you are paying for. Patience pays. You can get the dream skin, but not overnight. So, avoid picking too much on your face. Drink lots of water. Maintain a balanced diet and a good quality of sleep! These best practices are free and will not cost you anything. But if you build on these habits, it will benefit your skin and your health in the long run.

5.    Two-in-one is better than one!

The sudden boom of skincare products gave way to innovations that can benefit your skin and your wallet. Many multitasking products are now available in the market.

An example of this is micellar water, a makeup remover that can act as a facial cleanser. Not only does it clean your face on the surface, but deep down your pores too. Another one is a multitasking moisturizer, which is not only effective in hydrating your face and neck but your chest and arms too. You can also opt for exfoliating scrubs that can be used on your whole face, from the cheeks, lips, and eyebrows too.

6. Be conscious of portion sizes.

Many forget that if you want to save money on makeup and beauty products, it is not only just what you buy. It is how you use the product. Pondering on the thinking that “the more you use, the more it will be effective” is not necessarily true with skincare products. 

One of the most common forms of skincare products is lotion. For example, when you use liquid products for your face, you need enough to cover the surface. There is no need to overdo it for a couple of reasons. There are always instructions on how to properly apply a product for different skin types. While some just need an ample amount for it to do what it is supposed to do. 

Applying too much beyond the recommended portion may do more harm than good. It can also be a waste of money if you don’t use these products properly. 

7.    Patronize local and organic skincare!

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Nowadays, mindfulness is a key element in choosing the right skincare! When it comes to skincare or ‘self-care’ products, people often prefer to buy high-end brands that have established their names for a long time already. Sometimes, they even cost unexpectedly higher than others. It is understandable, though. Because, who wants to use a lesser-known product that can pose possible consequences on your skin, right?

However, there are a lot of locally made skincare products that are at par with expensive ones. They do the job just fine, and sometimes, even better! Find alternatives in small shops or businesses that offer the same product, which uses similar ingredients. Sometimes, products differ only in branding. Discern if you are only paying for the name. Be wise! 

There are a lot of advantages to shopping for your skincare routine at local shops since they often use more natural ingredients. More organic alternatives will get amplified when you support brands with no animal cruelty in their production.

The Takeaway: Skincare does not need to be pricey for it to work.

The best time to start caring for your skin is no other than now. Your skincare routine does not need to be up to date with the latest trends or which skin product a famous influencer advertises. It is based on what works for you and your wallet, of course!

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