7 Things To Consider When Buying A New Laptop

7 Things To Consider When Buying A New Laptop

Obvious and not-so-obvious features and functions directly affect the usability of a laptop. Here are some things you need to consider when buying a new laptop:

Type of Charging Connector

Most new laptops, such as Huawei matebook d14 charge via a universal USB-C port, although some manufacturers continue to use proprietary connectors. There are two problems with them: you should always carry such a charge with you, since there is no one to borrow a suitable one from, and if it breaks, replacing it will cost more.

Therefore, if you do not want to mess around with a bunch of assorted cables, you should take a laptop that charges via USB-C. Especially if the same connector is used in your smartphone.

Drive Type

In some expensive models, only SSD solid-state drives have long been installed. And in the middle and lower price segments, traditional hard drives are still found. Due to mechanical moving parts, the latter cannot boast of high speed and reliability. At the same time, HDDs are cheaper and have a larger volume.

If you are not very tight on funds, it is better to buy a laptop with an SSD. Thanks to high data transfer rates, the OS will start up in seconds, and files will be copied much faster than from hard drives.

Type of RAM

The rule ” the more the better ” in relation to laptop RAM, it works flawlessly. However, the type of RAM modules used is no less important, and there is one caveat here. As a rule, models with DDR3 and DDR4 memory are now available on the market. 

There is no big difference in performance between them, but the cost of DDR4 is much higher. The main differences between the new and old memory are higher frequencies and lower power consumption.

Graphic Type

Video cards in laptops are integrated and discrete. The former uses the graphics core of the processor and do not have their own memory. However, modern integrated graphics boast a sufficient level of performance even for simple games, not to mention basic tasks.

Discrete graphics is a separate video chip with its own memory. Such solutions are more productive, but also more expensive. They should be chosen only if you plan to do video editing on a laptop, play games or perform other resource-intensive tasks.

Display Brightness

The only aspect of the screen that people usually pay attention to besides the diagonal is its resolution. The number of pixels is certainly a key feature, but we should not forget about the brightness of the display.

Manufacturers do not particularly focus on this, although the convenience of work largely depends on this characteristic. If you often travel, work in cafes and other places outside the office, the brightness of the laptop display should be at least 300 nits.

Webcam Location

A few years ago, this question might have seemed very strange. Now, when manufacturers are trying to make the frames around the screen as small as possible, it is more relevant than ever. In some modern laptops, webcams are located in the most unexpected places, including the keyboard. This arrangement is far from ideal. If you often use video calling, be sure to consider this point when buying.

Keyboard Backlight

If you are not proficient in touch typing, the keyboard backlight will come in handy for working in the evening or in places with poor lighting. A few years ago, it was an exclusive option for premium segment models, but now it is available even on inexpensive Chinese laptops.

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