8 Great Ways to Design A Bathroom in Los Angeles

Not all houses in Los Angeles have free space. Fortunately, running out of space doesn’t automatically reduce the amount of space to remodel. It is possible to make small reforms in the bathroom. There are just a few factors to consider. You need to consider which features are the most important. Bathroom contractors in Los Angeles will remodel your bathroom in accordance with the size available.

For example, do you prefer a bath or a shower? Choosing just one can save you space. You should also consider downsizing these accessories, if possible.

Try using smaller bathtubs

Most bathtubs are 5 feet long. But you can also get some specially designed bathtubs to fit in better in smaller areas. These tubs and liners come in various patterns and colors, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. You will also have options to reduce the size of built-in bathtubs. These styles are designed for people who want added security when going about their daily routine.

Think about smaller showers

For homeowners who really want to free up space in their bathroom, opting for a center drain shower pan is a smart choice. These products are a maximum of three feet long and wide, which means you’ll have enough room to comfortably shower without wasting space unnecessarily.

These bases come in a range of colors while the corresponding shower walls are available in various colors and patterns. You can also customize your shower walls to perfectly fit the dimensions of your bathroom.

Be strategic with Pattern

It can be tempting to go all out with patterns in a smaller bathroom as a way to create a small-scale statement. Yet, it would be better to take a step back and get really strategic with what you’re going for. For example, you can put the pattern on the floor. But if you do that, try to keep the wall neutral.

Avoid pedestal sinks

According to James Kalim, founder, and CEO of Only Silent, you should avoid pedestal sinks, even if you love the look of them. Pedestal sinks are indeed beautiful. Yet, you should keep in mind that they are not an essential element in your small bathroom. This creates wasted space that can be used as storage spaces instead.

Make sure you have the correct size tile

According to Stefania Filizola, Design Expert at Fixr, making sure you have the right size tiles for your space is key to making it feel bigger than it is. This is because you must remember that grot lines create grids.

Now, if you choose smaller or medium-sized tiles, you will create a lot of grids. This will make your bathroom look smaller. Choosing large tiles that fit your space without the need for as many grout lines will help expand the space

Use the same color and tile pattern for the walls and floor

You should use the same tile color and pattern for the walls and floor. If you do this, then your eyes will not be able to notice the gap. This will make the bathroom look larger.

A professional bathroom contractor in Los Angeles will always try to make your bathroom look larger than the actual size.

Create storage niches where possible

Filizola also suggests cutting storage niches into the walls; It is not only aesthetic, but it will also improve the space. “Instead of having cabinets or shelves that stick out from the wall and reduce usable space, create storage inside so nothing gets in your way,” she explains.

Opt for polished finishes

Natural light is always a priority, especially to make a room feel larger. A dimly lit room will look and feel cramped, but if adding additional natural light isn’t possible, you can try to add more artificial light sources, especially in atypical ways. You can also use reflective surfaces like polished tile, polished faucets, or brass faucets to expand the range of lighting.

So you can clearly see that if you want to have your bathroom remodeled, you need the help of professionals.

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