8 Most Popular Birthday Cake Ideas For Girlfriend!

Birthday Cake for girlfriend

Birthdays are one the best and fun moments of the year that people want to celebrate with great zeal and love. The day gives us an extra opportunity to recreate the happy moments we have spent with our loved ones. But when it’s your better half’s birthday, you want everything in a way that expresses your feelings and makes their soul happier. This article is all about the best birthday cake for girlfriend that will take her to the journey of happiness which makes your bond stronger. So, have a look at these cakes and try one of them on her special day, “birthday.”

Blackforest cake

Blackforest cake is one of the most delicious cakes you can choose for your girlfriend. The taste of this cake is very butter-sweet as it is made with pure dark chocolate and cream. Black Forest Cake is the perfect choice for special days like birthdays. If you want your surprise to be even more special, you can bake a cake at home. It’s a great pleasure when your girlfriend finds out how much effort you put into making the cake. To bake this cake, you need layers of red cherry or cherry jam, bread with white whipped cream, and chocolate shavings. This cake has a lot of charm and appeals that you can share with your sweetheart.

Heart-Shaped Chocolate truffle

If you want to impress your girlfriend on her birthday, you can choose this chocolate truffle cake. This cake’s taste is amazing and will surely woo your girlfriend’s heart. This cake is made with chocolate ganache, cocoa powder, and chopped dry fruits. The texture of this cake is very soft as well as it looks very appealing. Chocolate truffles are the best chocolate cake. The truffle cake is topped with chocolate icing and loaded with a blend of delicious fillings. You can send this cake to your lover on her birthday if you are away from her to give her a surprise. When she receives this lovely gesture at the doorstep from your side, it feels extraordinary. So, order a cake online and deliver it to your lover to express your unconditional love. 

Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake is one of the famous cakes for celebrating love days. It has a delicious flavor and comes with a lovely reddish color, which contains cream cheese icing or  layers of buttercream. So, if you want to surprise your lady love on her birthday, you can surprise them with this delicious birthday red velvet cake. The red color is a symbol of romance, love, and affection. Therefore, red velvet cake is the best choice for expressing your heartfelt feelings. So, send your love in the form of cake and woo your girlfriend’s heart on her special day.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cake

Have you ever tried a mix of strawberries and chocolate? If not, then at that point, give it a try now! A cake with fresh choco chips spread in bread and a delicate fixing of strawberry cake is the most delicious yet extravagant cake type that everyone should try. You can get it online and surprise your girlfriend on the occasion of her birthday. Since chocolate is an image of adoration, it is a perfect decision that you can give her a sweet gift.


The taste of a mango is something that any other fruit cannot match. For every fruit lover, this cake is the best option for your darling birthday! We bet she’s gonna love this cake and thank you for such a lovely and unique taste. There are various websites offering this flavor in various designs and you can pick the best cake for your beloved girlfriend. The amazing and refreshing mango cake will not only satisfy her taste buds but also create lovely memories of togetherness on her birthday. So, if you want to be the reason for her million-dollar smile, then opt for this cake.


Blueberry cake is the latest addition to the cake industry people order the most nowadays. Even though it is new, it has instantly become very popular amongst all the cake lovers who come to give a gift to their loved ones. Although, you can grab this cab for your girlfriend on her birthday and make her day super memorable. She will surely like such a beautiful cake on her day that will add a sweet gesture to your relationship as well. 

Apart from all these, you can go ahead with vanilla cakes, photo cakes, poster cakes and many more.

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