A Complete Guide to Medium Weight Turnout Rugs

Medium Weight Turnout Rugs

Keep your horse warm and dry in bad weather like cold, rain, wind, and snow while on their field. The type of turnout you choose depends on many things, such as the temperature and weather, how your horse lives, what is the age and breed of your horse? Most turnout rugs come in three different weights based on how much filling they have. This filling is measured in grams per square meter. The warmer a rug is, the higher the fill number. Lightweight turnouts don’t have a filling, so they are great for warmers.

Medium-weight turnout rugs are filled with about 200g of down and are best worn when the weather changes from warm to cold. Heavyweight turnouts are best for cold winter weather because they are filled with 300 g or more. A stable rug or sheet is to keep your horse clean and warm when it’s cold outside.

The Amount of Coverage

Most stable rugs have a modest, fixed tail flap or no tail flap in the case of lighter rugs. Hence there aren’t many alternative back types. However, there are many different neck styles. Again, these play by the same rules as turnout rugs, and you can choose from standard and detachable neck styles. Depending on the weight of the stable rug you choose, these combo/full and removable neck covers will offer different amounts of warmth. Depending on how much heat you want to keep in, some neck covers can be bought separately and used with any stable rug that fits.

Outer Fabric

Most stable rugs for cool weather have a synthetic outer layer that is padded or quilted. Like turnout rugs, they come in a range of filling weights to adjust the level of warmth based on the weather. But medium weight stable rugs are not waterproof like turnout rugs and are not meant to be used outside.

Stable sheets are thinner and don’t have padding or quilting. Usually, they are made of polyester or a polyester-cotton blend. Sometimes, they have lined shoulders to keep them from rubbing or a full lining to keep them warmer.

When selecting a stable rug for your horse, you should consider how likely straw or shavings will stick to the fabric. Some fabrics are better at this than others, but the less cleaning you have to 

Installations and Parts

A stable rug is necessary to have different ways of staying on the horse. So that it can protect the horse well in the stable. In contrast to turnout rugs, most stable rugs do not have leg straps, although they do have.

A Tail Cord or Fillet String-

A cord is attached to each side of the rug’s back, and the tail is pulled through it. This keeps the rug from moving around.

With this post’s help, you must now know all the important things about medium-weight turnout rugs. So, it is the right time to invest in these rugs for your horses and keep them safe from weather conditions.

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