A Complete Guide to the Working of Tarot Cards

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Tarot Cards are like a deck of cards, except they are associated with divinity and mysticism. Tarot card readings are associated with connecting with a higher self and predicting your future. 

However, the purpose of Tarot card reading is never to predict the future, a common misconception about tarot cards. Tarot Card readings are also not intended to answer objective yes or no questions, another misconception about Tarot Cards. 

Curious to know about how tarot cards work? This article explores the workings and other information about tarot cards in detail. 

The Tarot Card Deck

The first thing you must know about Tarot cards is their deck. Although similar to a regular deck of cards, it has different components. 

There are different types of tarot card packs; there are no standard decks of cards. Various packs of tarot cards have different numbers of tarot cards. Different collections have different themes, including nature, fantasy, dragons, animals, etc. 

The components of these cards include major arcana and minor arcana. 

The major arcana consists of pictures that symbolize concepts, principles, etc. They range from numbers 1 to 21, with the 22nd card, the Fool, represented as 0. These major arcana cards symbolize energy, strength, or massive events that will happen in your life. 

The minor arcana consists of suits, including pentacles, wands, swords, and cups. Furthermore, each suit symbolizes a distinct approach to life. The minor arcana cards indicate daily events and obstacles in your everyday life. 

If the same concept comes in both major and minor arcana during tarot card readings, the particular event is losing momentum in your life. 

Spreading the Tarot Cards

The first step of reading the tarot cards is spreading the cards. 

It is said that distributing the cards indicates a shift of your energy to the deck. Every place in the spread has a specific meaning to it. 

There are different ways of spreading the cards. Some card spreads indicate more information, while other card spreads represent the emotional aspect etc. 

Celtic Cross is one of the most common types of card spreads where the cards are spread in the shape of a cross. 

There are other types of card spreads. In fact, the process of spreading the cards is quite flexible. For example, you can create your own card spread and spread the cards in different shapes. 

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading is a lengthy and complicated process. It involves several steps to help you interpret the cards’ meaning and what they represent in your life.

Listed below are the steps for reading these cards:

Ask a Question to The Deck

Before reading the cards, you must decide on a question you want the cards to answer. The question can be related to a specific life event, upcoming decisions, etc. 

Shuffle the Cards

After you have decided on the question, shuffle the cards in any position. You can also cut the deck and then again join the deck. 

Reveal Your Cards

The next step after shuffling the cards is to pull out your cards and reveal the cards you pull out. After revealing the cards, you must interpret what the cards mean. 

Interpret the Cards 

The most important step of the card reading process is interpreting what the cards mean and how they answer your question. 

Images can have different meanings:

  • Death means elimination, transition, and ending
  • Fool represents faith, folly, spontaneity
  • The high priestess represents mystery, nonaction, unconscious awareness, and potential
  • The magician means action, concentration, power
  • The lovers indicate sexuality, personal beliefs, and relationships

The Philosophy Behind Tarot Cards

There are quite some theories regarding how you choose these cards and the philosophy behind these cards. Listed below are two philosophies regarding tarot cards:


Some people suggest that card choosing is a subconscious affair. Some theories state that most decisions you make are based on your subconscious. 

Therefore, when you choose cards and interpret them, they can be a reflection of your subconscious. 


Carl Jung gave the principle of Synchronicity. The term indicates the guiding forces of the universe. He believed some signs help us interpret the world. 

Therefore, this theory suggests that quantum mechanics is involved in representing the reality of physical objects, and Synchronicity influences tarot card reading and interpretation. 

Wrapping Up

Tarot Cards have a long history. Some people believe them credible, while others are still skeptical about them. However, you must keep an open mind to tarot cards to reap the benefits of their reading. 

Many tarot card readers have different theories about why tarot cards work. Some say they help us get in touch with a higher self or inner self, while others believe opening the mind is the key to understanding them. What you choose to believe is a personal choice.

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