A Must-Have List of the Hottest Vape Products

Vape Products

With many states legalizing the recreational use of delta 8, companies are becoming more creative in producing more effective ways of consuming the drug. You can enjoy delta 8 in various ways – cookies, gummies, capsules, and vape cartridges, among other methods. Legalizing cannabis has also increased the number of delta 8 product manufacturers, some of whom are legitimate while others offer poor-quality products.

The vape industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last five years, but it’s still at an early adoption stage. There are many more innovations to come that will further advance this technology and its applications. If you want to know what the future holds for vaping, read on to find out about the top vape products coming your way in 2022 and beyond.

#1 Astro Eight – Best Hemp-Based Vape Products

Astro Eight is a brand that has refined its hemp products with more than two decades of experience in the hemp industry. Astro 8 Delta 8 offerings are designed to be the finest in class hemp-derived Delta 8 THC products on the market. Using a distinctive technique that emphasizes purity, quality, and experience, the company has been able to develop a wide range of goods quickly, including Delta 8 disposables, Delta 8 gummies, and Delta 8 carts.

Visit Astro Eight to view their product, and explore their extensive collection of disposable vapes, cartridges, and more offerings to choose the right vape product for your needs.

#2 Vaporesso Osmall – Best Vape Pen in the Market

This vaporizer employs refillable magnetic 2ml cartridges, which may be used for at least ten refills before they need to be replaced. It employs a different technique from the typical cartridge-based vaporizer, which uses sealed factory-filled pods that you discard in the trash when they are empty. The variety of e-liquid flavors and VG/PG blends available thanks to this cart cannot be matched by traditional sealed cartridge-based systems.

Like all models that use cartridges, it also allows you to change flavors whenever you want by simply taking out one cartridge and replacing it with another. Purchase your preferred e-liquid flavor and strength, and then fill the cartridge using its newly designed side-mounted filling slot.

The budget-priced Osmall, which comes in nine different colors and is just 8cm x 3cm, is a breeze to use because there are no on/off or draw activation buttons on board; put your lips on the mouthpiece and start drawing.

If you’re looking for a discreet yet incredibly easy vaporizer that provides a consistently smooth hit filled with massive volumes of vapor (seriously, this thing rocks on the plume front), look no further than this pocket titan.

#3 Zeus Arc – Best Herbal Vaporizer for Loose Leaf Puffing

This must-have vape product works slightly differently from regular vaporizers. Instead of a coil heating an oily liquid like most vaporizers, it heats herbs below ignition temperature, releasing fumes as a vapor rather than carcinogenic clouds.

The Zeus Arc GTS features GoldSink technology, which coats the conductor and entire vapor path in gold, one of the most reliable heat conductors. As a result, conduction increases, producing more immense vapor plumes. It also has haptic feedback for better functionality.

The Arc GTS is simple to operate. Fill the small gold chamber with herb, choose your preferred temperature in three increments ranging from 185 C to a potent 225 C, and begin puffing. Its haptic feedback will notify you when the conductor has reached the optimal temperature. The 3,500mAh battery should last about 90 minutes, and you can conveniently see the remaining amount of juice by shaking the device.

#4 Bo One – Best Pod-Based Vaporizer

This stylish vape pen, designed in France, is one of the most elegant models available and is simple to use. Insert a pre-filled cartridge (known as a Bo Cap), put your lips on the mouthpiece, and suck the vapor like a limpet. There are no buttons to press or fluids to pour.

Bo sells some fantastic e-liquid flavors (21 in total) in both 8 and 16 mg nicotine concentrations. Among its extensive flavors, the most popular are Orange Soda, American Tobacco, Blonde Tobacco, Ice Mango, Raspberry Wafer, and Watermelon Ice.

#5 BudPop – Most Potent Delta 8 Vape Cartridge

The THC cartridge from BudPop has 800mg of delta-8 THC per milliliter, making you feel high in minutes. The US-based company offers two essential flavors – Strawberry Gelato and Grape Runtz. The indica strain Strawberry Gelato is the best option when you want to unwind. The Grape Runtz is a hybrid variant with a distinctly sweet finish.

Additionally, BudPop is renowned for using vegan, non-GMO, and pesticide-free ingredients in its products. The company manufactures all its goods in a GMP-certified facility using organic and ethically-grown hemp. Additionally, no additives like VG, PG, MCT, PEG, or vitamin E are present in the cartridges.

Final Thoughts

The next few years will be an exciting time for the vaping industry. We can expect a lot of new developments in technology, design, and application—and it seems likely that the vaping industry will only get bigger from here. Vaping can also be an excellent option if you’re looking to try your hand at growing and harvesting your cannabis. The market is constantly evolving, and there are many more exciting products on the way that are sure to meet all your needs.

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