A-Z of Sapphire Hair Transplantation Technique

Sapphire Hair Transplantation

Today, everywhere you look, you will come across innovations. New methodologies and systems have been introduced into the hair transplantation industry as well. Since its inception in 1939, doctors and consultants have been constantly trying hard with various of their experiments to bring in more increasingly effective treatments. The commonly found hair transplantation treatments are the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation.

Another one in this range of hair transplant treatments that has emerged recently with fruitful results is the Sapphire hair transplant. As the name suggests, the device here uses sapphire instead of steel or any other metal blades for obvious reasons. since many of you are not aware of the sapphire hair transplant treatment, we have come up with this blog to help you with the basic information on sapphire hair transplant treatment. Hence, without further delay, let’s begin.

What is a sapphire hair transplant?

A type of hair transplantation technique that helps you to get rid of baldness or unnecessary thinning of hair. One of the greatest advantages of conducting the sapphire hair transplant process is it can be completed in a single session. Also, the results produced by the sapphire hair transplant process are permanent.

With the permission of frequently planting hair, this sapphire method of hair transplantation provides amazing results. Even in narrow areas of the hairline, the sapphire hair transplant treatment can work wonders.

What are the benefits of sapphire hair transplantation treatment?

Although the sapphire hair transplantation is a relatively new process, the surgical blades help one with these benefits:

  1. In the sapphire hair transplantation treatment, one can get perfect cuts. This is because of the finesse of the sapphire blades’ surface as they are smooth and hard. Since the blades of the sapphire hair transplant treatment are slightly different from the other hair transplant treatments, there is almost no minor damage to the tissues.
  2. With the sapphire hair transplantation treatment, the recovery does not take much time as the micro incisions are smooth.
  3. There is less possibility of the area getting affected by germs as the nature of the blades is smooth. Therefore, there is less to zero chance of infection.
  4. The end of the blades of the sapphire is V-shaped. The shape of the blades makes it possible for the doctors to make the incisions frequently. Also, the results of the sapphire hair transplant appear to be more natural than the FUE hair transplant.
  5. There are some people who tend to get allergic to metal. As a result, it is impossible for them to undergo hair transplant as it uses metal blades. But with the sapphire hair transplant, they can go ahead with the process as there is no tension of facing allergies.
  6. Besides gaining back the lost hair, another reason for undergoing a hair transplant is to ensure that you get hair all along the hairline. Therefore, the angle and the direction in which the transplantation will be done truly matter. The flexibility offered by the sapphire blades is much more than the other processes of hair transplantation. With sapphire hair transplantation, the incisions can be made in narrow regions as well.
  7. One of the greatest advantages of the sapphire hair transplantation process is the width of the incision and the evenness of the depth that it offers. Since the incisions in this process are neither too shallow nor too deep, doctors these days are suggested patients go for the sapphire hair transplant in Turkey.
  8. To deliver a more natural-looking result, sapphire hair transplantation uses micromotors to extract hair. Extracting a greater number of grafts in less time is made possible through this sapphire hair transplantation technique.
  9. In the sapphire hair transplantation process, the damage to tissues while extracting the hair follicles is comparatively lesser than in the other methods of hair transplantation. Therefore, you can expect less swelling and wounds.

How does the sapphire hair transplant treatment work?

The technique of sapphire hair transplantation is suggested for people between the age group of 18 to 80 years. There are some prerequisites for undergoing this sapphire hair transplant in Turkey to ensure that the patient is in a healthy condition. This means even if he has some health issues like blood pressure or blood sugar, they must all be in control. The other important points to remember before undergoing sapphire hair transplantation are as follows:

  • On the main day of surgery, it is suggested to clean your hair thoroughly. Also, avoid using any chemical products, especially on that particular day, even if you use some of them regularly.
  • If you wish to get recovered soon, avoid smoking cigarettes completely and taking in alcohol. These unhealthy practices may cause damage to the grafts.
  • Avoid blood thinners as they enhance the risk of bleeding, especially during the operation. Besides, avoid consuming foods that promote blood thinning like green tea.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of sapphire hair transplant, it is time to go through the process in a nutshell.

  1. First and foremost, the doctor begins the surgery by applying the sedation. This helps the patient to stay in a relaxed mode while the operation is continued at its own pace.
  2. Next, the doctor collects the grafts from the hairy region. Generally, the common donor areas that the surgeons choose include the nape or the back of the head. Often chest of the patient is also selected, provided there is a lack of hair in the nape region. The doctor uses the FUE motor to gather the grafts.
  3. Now, the microchannels are used in the areas where the grafts will be placed. During the grooving procedure, the sapphire blades are used. The purpose of using the sapphire blades is to prevent the disturbance of blood circulation and damage to tissues.
  4. Once the channels are opened, the grafts are then placed one after another into the newly made incisions. This is how the transplantation of the hair begins.

By the time the hair transplantation process by sapphire blades end, you will find your baldness has been eliminated completely. After the transplantation is completed, doctors of Turkey suggest the patient stay in the hospital for a day as they want to observe the patient and check if he or she is facing any problems. After two days the patient returns to the clinic for a thorough hair wash.


Therefore, sapphire hair transplant in Turkey is a better option than any other process of hair transplantation. Although the price of sapphire hair transplantation in Turkey is affordable, however, it largely depends on factors like the expertise of the surgeon, the area to be covered with transplantation, the equipment used, the experience of the technical team, and the like.

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