Aconcagua Guided Climb

Aconcagua Guided Climb

All you wanted to know about Aconcagua guided climb

You have come to the right place to know about Aconcagua guided climb to have the most memorable experience.  From the magical Mendoza province in Argentina, you will see the best of America from nearly 23,000 sq. ft. above sea level.  Aconcagua is the highest mountain outside Asia and is much easier to climb than the Himalayas. Also, it is the highest non-technical mountain for adventure seekers to have the best time.  Apart from medium to experienced climbers, even beginners can climb Aconcagua without many issues.  But still, the steep altitude of over 125 km or 75 miles from San Juan province causes many casualties yearly. 

So, check out all you wanted to know about the Aconcagua guided climb to overcome its challenges and have the best time to remember for a long time. 

Why is it important to have the Aconcagua guided climb?

Climbing Aconcagua is one of the rare dreams coming true for many climbers to have a good time.  Many consider Aconcagua, one of the top 7 summits in the world, 7,000 meters above the Pacific Ocean, to be easy to climb.  But the 10,000 feet out of the nearly 23,000 feet above sea being ascent vertically, the low oxygen levels and others make it a tough task. Also, there are over 30 routes to climb Aconcagua, a few less challenging than the others.  And choose the right route and taking all the essential needs will help you to climb Aconcagua successfully.  Hence it is important to have the best Aconcagua guided climb to have a wonderful time looking at the spectacular views. 

Why have the best Aconcagua guided climb?

Thousands come to Mendoza city in the San Juan province in Argentina to fulfil their long-time passion for climbing high mountains.  But as many believe, it is not as easy to climb but only easier than climbing the high Himalayas.  Climbing high altitudes for many days needs proper preparation from taking the right food, tent, and other essentials.  Also, new climbers need proper training and diet for a few days before climbing Aconcagua.  And choosing the best Aconcagua guided climb has many benefits. 

What are the benefits of having the best Aconcagua mountain climb?

If you want a life-changing experience, you need to climb Aconcagua with the help of the best guide services.  You may be a starter or even a seasoned climber, but you need the help of the best guides and support to climb Aconcagua without any issues. From choosing the right route as per the physical condition and mountaineering experience, you need the best mountaineering services.  Also, to know the best time to climb Aconcagua, which is from November to March, and the ideal is December to January. To know the documents and others to get the permit that needs personal presence also.  Also, to have licensed and experienced guides along with porters to make the Aconcagua climb an unforgettable experience. 

The above facts will help you know about Aconcagua’s guided climb to make your mountaineering dream come true easily and safely.

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