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I am privileged to have this job, and the last name “Graves” has not only been my “label”, it has also been my mission to follow the paths that take me below the surface of life. I was “playing” with Tarot cards and convinced my parents to give me a Ouija board. My manifesto ability became second nature as I was able to connect with the world on a deeper level.
My professional background and educational background is in Law and I am currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy. I have spent my entire life studying metaphysics, psychics, religion, folk magic, and divination. Lady Muse is a board-certified paranormal investigator, studied with Tarot Masters across the country, graduated from Cat yronwode’s Hoodoo Rootwork correspondence course, and ordained. But more important than fancy titles is my ethics of top quality.
My lifelong passion for divination and a desire to serve built up his ten-year career in legal and psychic jury profiling and full-time spiritual work when he reached his true vocation as a counselor and root worker. , founded his company, The Parlor, which specializes in divination. A summons agency in a historic gold mining town in Northern California.
I have worked hard to achieve my personal goals, and with the same unwavering approach and determination, I will work hard for you!

Specialty products

Litigation is my primary area of ​​expertise. With years of experience in the courts, I assist clients in legal situations including child custody and support, criminal convictions, personal injury cases, alimony payments, and “denial of legal action” issues. I have gained the knowledge and the power to I work with people who have been arrested, faced incarceration, and need emotional support in legal situations.I also work with friends and families of inmates. As a wife and mother, I faithfully carry out love spells, reconciliation and fertility spells. My other strengths include traversing, protecting, safe travel, paving the way, career success, real estate and wealth work.
mental reading

When I give psychic readings, I provide direct information that makes you feel empowered, and by using my Rootwork services on your own or on your behalf, you I propose a way to change the situation. In addition, I am a medium and can communicate with the dead, assist with paranormal spiritual activities and haunted houses, identify why spirits are there, and help deal with ghosts. increase.

Predict using tarot, pendulum, crystal ball, astrology, or cowrie shells before doing rootwork. This process acts as a “second opinion from the spirit” before casting the spell. My bespoke rootwork services include mojo, honey jars, candle rituals, grooming oils, soaps and bath salts.
If you’re looking for a job with dignity and perfection, and without a trace, I can help bring you what you deserve!

People Reviews about Lady Muse

“So I just got a year ahead reading from O’Niki Muse. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very enlightening. If you have considered it I say you definitely should it was well worth it.” — Courtney

“I just wanted to express how truly blessed I am to have my sistar O’Niki Muse part of my life. She’s inspiring me to do many things. I have so much love and respect for this goddess. If you are serious about learning and growing she’s a force that you want to lead you. Please check out her website and follow her. She’s just an amazing vessel that is truly an instrument from The higher power.” — Nala

“A follow-up on a recent post where I had a reading with Lady Muse…. I got what I wanted…. I passed my class I was so worried about, but it was the quick attitude change towards me from the professor was the real majik ….. Lady Muse told me not to worry and I know it just gets better from here….. ” — Johnny

“I received my first reading and i must say i was thoroughly impressed. From one question she was able to retract a wealth of information about my future, present, and past. Transmission was clear and precise on present matters in my life, which in turns makes any future readings for me trustworthy. I definitely look forward to becoming a student and learning how to power this ship called innerself.” — Mike

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