All you need to know about the housing society software

When people live in housing societies, they must share the responsibilities for everyday tasks including bill payment, property upkeep and maintenance, security, and legality. Large Villas feature many buildings with hundreds of units, making it extremely difficult for the resident welfare organisation to effectively handle community concerns and quickly resolve everyone’s needs. People seek effective approaches such as Online housing society software since they are time-consuming aspects. The management committee may manage the day-to-day activities of the societies using these society management solutions, which are suitable for small, big, and medium societies. When individuals use these society management solutions to manage societies, they create a system-wide approach that saves time and money.

Maintenance Payment Schedule

With this tool, management committee members may rapidly issue a payment schedule to all unit owners to collect maintenance dues.

Maintenance Bill Collection

One of the most crucial responsibilities is to collect the maintenance bill. However, individuals may not get the maintenance bill immediately or may not have enough time to pay their payments. This housing society accounting software offers absolutely fantastic maintenance bill payment options. This also serves as a reminder for bill payment through SMS alert.

At Your Fingertips

 In an emergency, the ideal approach is to use an online society management system. It features all of the local emergency numbers, so you can connect with the appropriate person at the right moment.

Publicize Your Society’s Notice

The resident welfare association can send out a notification to all members at once. The RWA can also see how many people read the notification. Members of the society will get an immediate email and notification to read and follow the instructions in the notice.

Expand Your Social Networks

The Online Society Management Solution offers a comprehensive framework for community members to connect, communicate, discuss, and make friends. You may effortlessly link with other community members and build a powerful connection with them online community with just a single click.

Shifting in and out

 One of the more intriguing elements that aids in the approval process for renters inside the community is where the owner sends a message via the cellphone application about a renter moving in and submits whatever appropriate paperwork are on hand. When a renter relocates, the relocate is visited, and the renter’s approval procedure is initiated in accordance with the relevant rules.

The proprietor sends a message through the cellular application regarding a renter moving in and submits whatever appropriate documents are accessible with him. This is one of the most intriguing aspects that helps in the approval method of the renters inside the community. When a renter relocates, the relocate is visited, and the renter’s approval procedure is initiated in accordance with the relevant rules.

Everyone has a smartphone in today’s digital world. 

Residents’ welfare organisations may keep track of every area of society administration in real time. Today’s modern society requires an online society management solution.


The online society administration solution not only meets the need to properly manage the residential society’s activities, but it also allows residents to connect with one another and communicate with adjacent societies.

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