Are Huawei Phones Worth Buying In 2022?

Are Huawei Phones

The products of the Chinese giant, Huawei, have always been distinguished by their reliability and build quality. But is it worth buying Huawei smartphones in 2022? The Chinese tech giant’s reputation has been tarnished by a long trade standoff with the United States. And many ask this quite reasonable question.

After the first news that Huawei was blacklisted by the United States and all major American companies refused to cooperate with it, users sounded the alarm. But in reality, the situation is not so terrible, and now we will explain why.

US Sanctions Against Huawei and Mass Hysteria

On various ad sites, many offers for the sale of phones of this brand began to appear. The most annoying thing is that due to the US sanctions against Huawei, all these smartphones were offered at a really ridiculous price – three or even four times cheaper than their original cost with impeccable technical and external condition.

With all this, we can say that those who managed to buy a similar device for themselves at a symbolic price are rare lucky ones. After all, a couple of months have passed, the colors have ceased to be so thick, and now the situation in the company is starting to improve. Fears for the reliability of the brand are gradually disappearing.

The possibility of circumventing restrictions on the use of Google services puts a spoke on the wheels of sanctions. There are already a great many such videos on the Internet. This has led to a decrease in the prices of Huawei phones. So if you are planning to buy brand new Huawei smartphones, know that the Huawei p50 price has dropped in several foreign markets and can be purchased at lower prices.

What Are The Sanctions Against Huawei?

Since 2020, sanctions against the leader in the production of Chinese smartphones have only increased. Major partners have revoked their supply licenses to Huawei. We are talking about the revocation of 8 licenses. At the moment, licenses have already been lost by Intel, the Japanese firm for the production of flash memory chips Kioxia (Toshiba Memory).

The restrictions affect a huge range of electronic products. To date, licenses totaling $280 billion have been virtually blocked. The US State Department has restricted the Chinese manufacturer’s access to American technology. The Chinese manufacturer even lost access to its own KIRIN processors, as the British company ARM also revoked its license to produce electronic chips due to sanctions. Similarly, TSMC’s Taiwan-based plant has ceased production.

Thus, no popular applications or updates will be expected on smartphones of this brand in the near future. The situation described above makes you wonder if you should think about buying a Huawei smartphone.

Should You Buy A Huawei Phone?

Should you buy a Huawei phone during the global quarantine? After all, the virus, as it was found out, without contact with a living organism is able to live for several hours, in extreme cases – a day. After that, it dies. So you can not worry and feel free to order, especially since the price for them has now dropped noticeably. Exactly like most products from Aliexpress, keep in mind.

In addition, the technical characteristics of Huawei smartphones are at an extremely high level, as always. Value for money – pleases. Current models will be updated as before. So down with doubts, Huawei is more alive than all the living and is in no hurry to rest for sure! 

Go Ahead- Buy Your New Phone

In the future, the Chinese may still complete their Harmony OS and completely abandon Google and Android services, and support for classic APK will allow you to “roll up” any required application, even if there is no official way to do this. So neither the US sanctions against Huawei nor the coronavirus will lead to the decline of this tech giant. You can safely buy a smartphone of their production and not worry about its support. 

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