Best Desi Food Serving Hotels in Lahore

Hotels in Lahore

We all love Desi food. However there are many restaurants in Lahore and they all have their own dishes. But there are definitely some restaurants that serve delicious food. We all know how an evening can be more memorable when the food is delicious. So we have the best desi food stores in Lahore. Click here to see the best Hotels in Lahore.

Andaz Restaurant

Located in a walled city with a breathtaking view of the Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort, Andaz Restaurant makes it the ultimate Desi Food dining experience, a two-in-one experience for food and heritage lovers. Apart from the many places in this part of Lahore, Andaz offers a clean and friendly environment. My experience will definitely take me back there again and again. Because food is unique in my opinion.

BBQ Tonight

Next up on everyone’s favorite Bar.B.Q Tonight. The menu is one of variety including regional specialties. And what I love about BBQ Tonight is that it doesn’t take much longer to serve, although Desi Food takes longer to prepare than fast food. But other than that, BBQ Tonight took a long time.

Ziafat Restaurant

While the restaurant serves Chinese food, the desi food is the real deal. The kebabs are tasty and more appetizing. It’s a perfect place because of the buffet system. This is where food lovers are offered both quality and quantity. And what’s even cooler is the location. The shopping area is located on MM Alam Road, making it a destination for more and more people looking for good Hotels in Lahore.

Lahore Social

This place is a bit expensive, so The Lahore Social is not a place to eat for many people. But for those who love good food in a good environment this is the place where the food tastes good and the vintage theme adds to the atmosphere of the restaurant. It takes a long time to serve longer than others but also a very strong contender, located in Gulberg, Lahore Social is easily accessible. And if you want to dine in luxury Hotels in Lahore. This is where you should go.

Spice Bazar

Spice Bazaar BBQ trays have won the hearts of many, including me. And for those who value this restaurant as a great place for good food and quick service, the spice market is located on MM Alam Road, has a courtyard, which is a perfect meal when the time is right. The variety on the menu makes it hard to choose and the prices are reasonable.

The popularity of fine dining and snacks in huge amounts is increasing day by day. The best Hotels in Lahore are known to be a foodie’s paradise. Lahore has many kinds of food for sale. From juicy steaks in the shade but tar cheese, masala and desi are all the essence of Lahore cuisine without delay, here is a list of great desi Hotels in Lahore for.

Spice Bazaar is one of the ideal desi restaurants. If you are not a fan of ‘Dhaba’ food, Yum’s new venture is Spice Bazaar (best Hotels in Lahore) Spice Bazaar never disappoints its customers.

Go Eat

Food is the foundation of Pakistani culture and tradition. Also known for our unique flavors and foodie, Go Foodio is committed to promoting not only local cuisine but food as well. But there are also all the flavors of life that people can appreciate and appreciate. They have a variety of dishes to serve you, such as Afghan pulao, BBQ, artisanal chicken, fresh lemonade, pizza, sandwiches and burgers and so on. Bring the best food to your table.

Butt Karahi

You have to use karahi if you want to be called real Lahore, especially if idol curry is involved, however, you will be addicted to its delicious taste in seconds. Surprisingly, the flavor hasn’t changed over time.

When eaten with freshly baked bread and parathas the tomato masala and marinated chicken are delicious, and the restaurant also serves a variety of Desi dishes at these hotels. Please give them a chance

Haveli Restaurant

This restaurant has a 4.5 rating and a beautiful view. What else do you want? You may gracefully dine while looking at the Grand Mosque of Badshahi in the heart of Lahore. Kebab and karahi with chicken are two popular dishes. Service is also great, visit Haveli and you will fall in love with Hotels in Lahore again.

Monal Hotel

Monal Restaurant in Islamabad is very famous as it is located on Margala Hill, although the traditional cuisine of Monal serves excellent food. But the views are a bonus that raises the overall experience to a perfect 10th. Monal had to come to Lahore, the food capital to meet her demand, Monal Lahore received an excellent certificate from TripAdvisor.

Dinner at Monal hotel was wonderful. But the desi breakfast buffet is much better, they serve a variety of desi dishes. If you’re a desi fan, you’ll love the restaurant’s buffet. This includes everything from Nihari to payments. Cholai for puris and more. This is the list of best Hotels in Lahore for you and your family outgoing dinner parties with desi and delicious foods.

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