Best Earrings For The Summer: All You Need To Know

Best Earrings For The Summer: All You Need To Know

Summer is the perfect time for self-expression. It is the best time to bring out all your accessories and colors. After all, you intend to spend as much time as you can outdoors soaking up the sun.

 And the nighttime is no different. The cool evenings are great for catching up with family and friends. So, you will want to ensure you look good and smell fresh every time. 

One accessory that can add spice to your look is earrings. The ability to switch up the earring on a whim makes things fun and exciting. You can match your outfits with colored earrings or make them the centerpiece of your ensemble. 

Take the example of chandelier earrings. The configuration of jewel, beads, and metal make them so present and attractive to look at. For a dinner date, a pair of pendant or diamond stud earrings will bring an air of sophistication to whatever you wear.

Let’s look at some things to know about choosing summer earrings.    

It’s All About Bright and Bold Colors

If you were to attribute some personality characteristics to summer, what would they be? We can bet bright, bold, fun, and out there would top the list, right? Well, summer is about the outdoors, blue skies, and bright sun. And you should apply the same thinking to the type of jewelry you wear. 

Pick fun, vibrant hues to make a bold statement. The good news is that so many color options would work. Green, red, orange, and yellow are some of them. 

During the day, match beach or outdoor wear with the earring. Shell earrings, for instance, look great with beach or vacation wear. The same goes for beaded earrings. Don’t be shy about picking those with many colors for a more vibrant look.  

If you love gemstones like diamonds, don’t worry. You can still find some fantastic colored stones. Indeed you have your pick of blue, yellow, pink, purple, and even red diamonds.

Also, think about the metal. Rose gold, for instance, is perfect for summer. It has subtle hints of pink hues that will bring color to your earrings. And, the metal matches well with any outfit, so day or night, you can continue to look stylish. 

Bring Out the Bling with Your Diamond Earrings

As we said, there is nothing understated about summer. Now is the perfect time to bring out the bling with your diamond earrings. Add sparkle and fun with your choice of diamond earrings. Diamond stud earrings will look great during the day. They can also easily transition into nighttime wear. Go for colored diamond stones for that extra pop. 

Pendant earrings are fantastic for an evening out with your friends. Don’t forget to sweep up your hair for that extra look of sophistication. The night light bouncing off the diamond pendant will be so alluring. 

Do talk to your jewelry designer for bespoke pendant pieces. You can get the sun or flower-shaped pendants with yellow-colored diamond stones. It will bring out the essence of summer while giving you a fun look.  

You may be asking how you can afford diamond earrings. Well, owning a pair or more is possible without breaking the bank. And that comes in the form of lab-grown diamonds. These are less costly options than mined diamonds.

You could spend at least 30% less than what you would pay for mined diamonds. Yet, you get the same quality in color, carat, clarity, and cut. Please take the time to find a reputable dealer to buy your diamond accessories from. It would be a terrible thing to lose your money to unscrupulous individuals.  

Accessorize Your Summer Hair with the Perfect Earrings

 Accessorizing your summer hair with the perfect earrings will add glamour to your look. The right shape and style will draw people’s eyes to your face. Splashes of color on the earrings will also make your ensemble look more attractive. So, do try out the following hair and earring partnering. 

  • Ponytails are a must-have summer hairstyle. It removes the hair from your neck, creating a cooling effect. A sleek Ponytail goes well with all types of earrings because your earlobes remain exposed. Diamond stud earrings, cluster earrings, pendant earrings, hoops, or chandeliers look fantastic.
  •  For a high ponytail or updo, go for a pendant or drop earrings. Pearl, diamonds, or other gemstones will reflect the light onto your face. It creates a radiance that will make your look stand out. 
  • Side plaits or braids work well with a long drop, shoulder duster, or stiletto earrings. The gentle swaying and shoulder brushing effect is a sure attention catcher. 
  • Bangs will look great with statement earrings. Don’t be afraid to wear your chandelier, long drop, or hoop earrings. For the latter, the bigger the hoop, the better. Create more interest by choosing diamond-encrusted hope or even diamond tennis earrings. 
  • Short hair is so forgiving when it comes to earring choices. You could wear any style or shape and still look great. Boho earrings are fun and great for day wear. The same applies to large hoop earrings. For evening, switch to pendant or diamond stud earrings for that extra glam. 

Final Thoughts

Summer is a season that is all about fun and the outdoors. You get to leave behind the heavy clothes and can expose a little skin. And, it is also the perfect time to look fantastic every day. So, besides the clothes and shoes, there are the attendant accessories.

Summer jewelry is a critical part of how you look overall. We have focused on choosing the perfect summer earrings. Complement them with the right outfit and hairdo, and you will be a walking fashion statement. 

Summer is also the time to showcase your love for color. The brighter the hues, the better for the sun-filled days. 

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