Best Form Of Marijuana Consumption For You

Medical marijuana has been used as an effective form of treatment for many chronic conditions. It is now legal in 30 states along with DC, relieving symptoms without any negative side effects when compared to traditional methods like surgery or chemotherapy that can be very invasive and harmful towards patients’ health in general.

It should also go down smooth enough even if you have never consumed cannabis before because our bodies produce cannabinoids naturally-we are not invaders.

To obtain a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, you must first receive certification from an approved doctor after confirming that your condition is one of the 21 conditions allowed for treatment with cannabis. Some common examples include chronic pain and PTSD. Similarly, to get Florida’s medical marijuana card, you also need an appointment with a cannabis doctor. 

Types Of Marijuana Use

Medical marijuana can be consumed in many different forms, depending on your needs. There are a variety of ways that it could help you address medical conditions and we’ll give an introduction into each form as well as some pros/cons for consideration when deciding which one is best suited just for yourself.

Vaporizing – Means To Either Vape Or Torch

Some people use marijuana in the form of a liquid or edibles to get their desired effects. However, one way that is increasingly popular and gaining momentum as time goes on would be by vaporizing dry leaves from stems which have been heated up until they release cannabinoids into air for inhalation – this process seals all those great terpenes within.


The traditional way of smoking has been declining in popularity while alternatives such as vaporizing or eating cannabis have become more widespread. The leaf is minimally processed and there are many different strain options which can provide varying effects depending on your desired outcome, whether that’s relaxation with no mental stimulation for background music purposes.


Vaping is not the best option for people with lung damage. After you vape, your breath may have an unpleasant odor of marijuana and this could irritate those who are already sensitive to smells or breathe easily. The dosage can also be hard to regulate because it’s different depending on what kind of device was used- some contain more oils than others.


Topicals are a great option for people who don’t want to smoke marijuana or consume edibles. Topical applications can be applied directly onto your source of pain, which will allow the CBD in them to go straight into your bloodstream quickly and provide relief within 20 minutes.


Topicals offer relief for those with skin issues including psoriasis, burns and bacterial infections. Topical application can be beneficial due to its ability to reduce inflammation which is often associated in chronic pain conditions like arthritis or lower back problems.

One of the healthier methods ingested pills provide localized pain relief that’s helpful on joints but also great if you’re suffering from concentrated stress disorder.


It is important to know that these plants do not treat or cure any medical condition. Their effects are purely psychological and physical. “Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are not psychoactive, so they won’t provide an euphoric feeling”, can help with certain mental disorders like PTSD but it’s unclear if this treatment works on cancer patients because there haven’t been enough studies done yet.


The transdermal patches work in a similar way to topicals, they allow the cannabinoids themselves to be absorbed through skin and go straight into your bloodstream.

 The best place for this would probably be on an area like inner wrist or foot where there isn’t much hair which could get caught during application causing unwanted exposure. Also if you’re wearing gloves then those won’t protect against soak-through since it’s not directly touching them.

You can also use medical marijuna tinctures as well. 

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