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Like starting a new friendship, picking an oracle card needs making an impact right away. The artwork, the author, the content, and other information can help novices find the oracle cards they enjoy and feel contact with. While we have covered tarot cards for newcomers, we have not yet addressed the question of which oracle cards are suitable for those just starting out. It is common knowledge that the term “best” is very relative. The following decks of oracle cards were selected as the most popular among newcomers based on sales and customer reviews during the past few years. All novice oracle decks can be loosely categorised as either:

best oracle cards for beginners that are more like tools than just divination aids are one category. The most popular angel oracle deck, for instance, contains 33 cards that blend angels with Kabbalah wisdom, providing a unique way to study and learn about the latter. They have much more persuasive interpretations and big, powerful visuals.

One more is the use of healing oracle cards, which can be used for both healing and meditation. This deck can be meditated on in your chosen style to improve your intuition, enlarge your heart, and infuse yourself with more energy, as the authors of these oracle cards probably certainly state in their guides.

Yasmin Boland’s oracle cards based on moon lore

We are profoundly affected by the moon’s orbital placements. Both are accessible to newcomers and anyone interested in the moon’s mystical power in everyday life. The creator of these moonology oracle cards is a well-respected astrologer who has mastered the art of harnessing the power of planetary alignments for beneficial ends. Moreover, artist Nyx Rowan designed the moonology oracle card illustrations. Moon phases, signs, and houses are used to give each card a descriptive name that indicates its relevance to many aspects of human existence.

A guide to reading moon oracle cards. In addition to learning about the phases of the moon and the moon’s position, you may use this lunar calendar for divination, drawing on the author’s experience and wisdom, and learning how to harness her magical powers.

DMCMX’s love tarot cards

Our hearts are deeply moved by stories of love, whether it’s romantic love, the love of a parent or a child, or the love of a friend. DMCMX’s Island Time Wellness Love Oracle Cards are based on genuine couple dynamics. There’s stuff there about soulmates and twin flames and getting over your fear of intimacy. You can create questions to ask love oracle cards if you’re feeling confused or anxious about your romantic connections.

This deck of love oracle cards is also a traditional and widely used set of oracle cards, with easy-to-understand meanings printed on the backs of each card.

Kyle Gray’s Angel Oracle Cards

It might be argued that angels are the most widely-appreciated subject matter for oracle cards. In collaboration with artist Jennifer Hawkyard, renowned angel author Kyle Gray has designed a stunningly colourful angel oracle deck. These angel cards are perfect for those just starting out with the ancient art of using oracle cards for divination and healing. They feature 44 different angels along with insightful, supportive, and regenerative keywords that can help you tune into your intuition, improve your ability to communicate, and even heal. The wisdom of the angels, whose immeasurable compassion will guide you on your path, is always available to you through this connection.

Sandra Anne Taylor’s energy tarot

Our universe is filled with countless unseen energies. If you’re new to tarot and want some guidance, you can modify your fate once you know you have control over everything that happens to you. This energy oracle card was created by Sandra Anne Taylor to help you gain insight into the energy you are now projecting, which may be used to learn more about the things your mind is making happen, the opportunities it is attracting, or the roadblocks that have been hiding in plain sight. Spirit guides, angels, and even your own sense of self can all contribute to the positive energy and motivation you feel after reading the oracle cards’ meanings.

By Zain Liaquat

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