Boxing gloves are better for Protection while boxing

Boxing gloves

Custom boxing gloves are considered as a saving grace for the participants in any form of boxing game. They are designed to protect the hands and other body parts from any kind of injury. The gloves are quite useful during military combat or even street-fighting situations. Gloves also help the participants to execute punches more effectively and swiftly, thus increasing their chances of winning a fight. So, if you are going to get involved in any sort of combat-related activity, then choosing boxing gloves is highly recommended.

The boxing gloves are constructed in a way that the impact of punches is reduced by increasing the duration of each blow. Not only that but also the gloves spread the impact forces over a larger area compared to a naked fist. The smaller size of the gloves the greater force is transferred to the puncher’s hand and the opponent’s head.

Some boxing gloves are heavily padded and offer more protection but less power than the thinner gloves.

Boxing Gloves

Punching Speed – the faster you throw a punch the tougher will be the impact force of it, and this is how speed becomes a killer in the ring. Athletes shadowbox without wearing gloves, as they can easily move their arms without the added weight of the gloves.  When it is time to throw some real punches, the boxing gloves offer substantial protection to the wearer’s hands. While the use of gloves reduces the speed and impact force when compared to the bare fists, their usage is a fair bargain as the boxers can go all out and strike their power shots without having to worry about the safety of their hands.


Bulkier in size and heavily stuffed/padded gloves offer better and extended protection than the thinner variants. As the impact force is the amount of force distributed over a given period of time. Hence, the longer it takes for a punch to deliver its intended force, the less force is transferred per second – eventually plummeting the initial impact of the blow.

Surface Area

Heavily padded gloves have more surface area compared to the smaller variants or the bare hands. While padding multiplies the duration of the punch, the larger surface area also spreads out the impact force of a punch, limiting its impact.

Boxing Gloves Types

Every professional boxer/athlete knows which type of gloves to use and when. Especially the training gloves are larger in size and come with relatively more padding material offering extended protection to the puncher as compared to the pro-competition gloves.

The durability of Boxing gloves 

Sometimes the lasting also depends on the boxing gloves price factors as the prices are indicators to the quality of the gloves – but that’s not always the case. This answer might not be what you are looking for, but the lasting of a glove is different from case to case. If you are a beginner who is just starting out in combat sports, buy boxing gloves that are relatively inexpensive, as these will be your first pair. The first pair ideally should last you around 1 to 3 years – depending on the frequency of your training.

However, if you are a professional striker or a heavy hitter, the inexpensive gloves will not last you more than a year.

The most important rule of buying boxing equipment, especially when you buy boxing gloves is never to spend more than you are comfortable with losing. Always keep in mind that the gloves longevity depends on how well you take care of the gloves and your training types and regimes.

Boxing is an extremely vigorous sport, and with that comes the necessity for excellent fitness training equipment. This is why Wholesale Boxing Gear has a wide variety of brand-name boxing gloves and other accessory pieces from some of the top brands in the industry. When you order from them, you know you’re getting the best possible service without having to pay full price from the retail outlets.

Safety is one of the most important aspects you must consider before you start practicing boxing. In reality, wearing boxing gloves can help a newbie to take their safety seriously when they hit the punching bag for the first time. The hard exterior will protect your hands from getting injured by the impacted surface and will definitely make sure that you have an easier time training than others.

In conclusion, the gloves in my point of view is more on protection against injury. We box, we punch and we have to have proper means that will protect us while doing so, especially when it’s not a professional sparring glove but still, it gives you more emphasis on safety. So, if you’re planning to do any training using the boxing gloves make sure you really know what it can and wants to do for you rather than focusing on its strengths. Wrapping your hands properly with a good padded tape or hand bandage is always a better idea before putting the gloves on. Boxing or Muay Thai or Kickboxing is a fun recreational activity or even in professional sports however, having said that please take precautions and know how to defend yourself appropriately.

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