Low Cost Boya BY M1 Pro directional Condenser Microphone in Pakistan

Boya BY M1 Pro

I believed a cheap amplifier should have a go at podcasting, Boya BY M1 Pro, something simple to utilize and compact. We likewise needed to record some video instructional exercises and required a mic that could move easily with the speaker. The proposals from podcasting and video altering aces were to spend however much we could manage. In any case, we are very risk

I maintained that an economical receiver should take a stab at podcasting, something simple to utilize and versatile. We likewise needed to record some video instructional exercises and required a mic that could move easily with the speaker.

The suggestions from podcasting and video altering professionals were to spend however much we could bear. Be that as it may, we are very risk loath women, and we went with this clasp on mic all things considered Boya BY M1 Pro.

We are so happy we did! The BOYA omni-directional condenser amplifier gives us good quality sound with low taking care of commotion while we figure out how to do podcasting and video and sound altering, and it most certainly didn’t burn through every last cent.

Where Would you utilize it?

Anyplace. The mic is exceptionally light and the link that plugs into your recording hardware is 6 meters in length, which is a lot of room to move about assuming you really want the mic to be connected to a PC or a camera/camcorder some distance away.

You could likewise involve it as a meeting mic, as we did in our web recordings, by putting it on the table between the speakers – it gets sound similarly from all headings. The sound quality is shockingly great, yet as it has limited range and isn’t directionally movable, there will be some clamor.

What kind of set-up does it suit?

This mic can be utilized with cell phones, DSLR cameras (both Nikon and Canon) camcorders, sound recorders, PC/PCs and so forth. BY-M1 is an omni-directional condenser mouthpiece with 6m link, standard 1/8 inch 4-shaft gold attachment and incorporates ΒΌ inch connector so it tends to be connected to most gear with sound info choice products.

It is great for introductions and will effortlessly record pleasant, spotless, single-individual sound straight into any recording gadget. For various speakers, you will in a perfect world need every individual to have their own mic, and a blender to deal with the numerous data sources.

In any case, it isn’t difficult to get respectable sound quality from numerous speakers recording to a solitary mic, for however long they are sitting genuinely near one another and there isn’t any encompassing commotion.

What are the upsides and downsides?


Little, compact, modest, advantageous, simple to utilize, basic set up.


Requires LR44 battery, the link can be an outing peril. Not great for group oriented recording, sound quality isn’t comparable to better quality podcasting amplifiers.

What are the Vital Statistics of the pack?

BOYA BY-M1 is an electret condenser lavalier/cut on mouthpiece. It records in omni-directional example, and that implies it gets sound similarly well from generally around the receiver. There is about meter of link between the mic and the power module which gauges 18g and houses the LR44 battery and the camera/cell phone switch. The power module likewise has a clasp, so it very well may be handily joined to dress.

How can it sound?

It sounds pretty clean while keep a solitary individual in a tranquil room. There will be some commotion assuming that you are moving near, particularly on the off chance that you don’t take care to cut the mouthpiece clear of texture.

The following is a connection to the two web recordings we made utilizing the BY-M1. We handled both through the Audacity’s sound decrease impact. In the first digital recording we had put the amplifier about similar distance among us and the sound was very great. Despite the fact that there was surrounding commotion. In the second web recording, we had cut the mic to one speaker. And this brought about a lopsided sound quality Boya BY M1 Pro.

Rundown: who Might Want to purchase this?

The BOYA omni-directional condenser is a particularly flexible little mouthpiece. It’s not difficult to set up and utilize, and records pretty good quality sound. It is truly helpful for recording single individual digital broadcasts. As well as extra sound to go with video content. Yet it likewise stretches to multi-speaker input and is a superb starter. Unit for fledgling podcasters with a restricted financial plan. You can get it here.

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