Broken water heater, what to do?

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In charge of the production of domestic hot water, the water heater is an essential element in a dwelling. So when it breaks down, there’s panic. Plumbing Services Dubai explains what to do so that your daily life is not impacted for too long by this failure.

Broken water heater, what to do in the event of a leak?

Solar, thermodynamic, electric, or gas, the water heater is invariably linke to an energy source. This allows it to bring cold water to the ideal temperature to supply the various taps in the house with domestic hot water. When this complex device breaks down, the first thing to do is to call in a professional. Contact the Plumbing Services Dubai account managers to obtain the contact details of a heating engineer near you. If the fault observed is a leak, then the following elements must be check.

The security group

When the leak occurs after the heating time, the pressure inside the tank is too high. The safety group then allows the evacuation of water to lower the pressure. If your water heater is new, you may be advise to install pressure reducers. The leak is continuous, the safety group must be change, especially when it is more than 10 years old. If the leak comes directly from the water supply, turn off the water supply. Place a basin underneath and contact a professional. The observation for this type of breakdown is very often without appeal: the tank must be replace.

If the leak is coming from the flange or a connection, then it is a real problem. Your craftsman can change the faulty accessory after draining the tank.

The right reflexes when faced with a deformed tank

The warping of a tank is an impressive water heater failure and rightly so. The security group is suppose to protect her from these inconveniences. However, sometimes its walls become deformed following prolonged exposure to high pressure. To corrupt the extremely resistant materials used for its manufacture, a pressure of 20 bars is necessary. When Residential Plumbing Repair notices this breakdown, immediately call your heating engineer and cut off the water and energy supply. The tank and the safety group will have to be replace. To protect yourself from this type of breakdown, remember to operate the safety unit at least twice a month. This will ensure that the valve is not clogging and excess pressure can be properly vente.

Good to know: the control visit, an obligation?

To prolong the life of your water heater, it is strongly recommend to set up regular maintenance. The annual maintenance visit is only mandatory for gas water heaters. For electrical systems, annual descaling is recommend. To avoid breakdowns of solar water heaters, have your device checked every 4 years.

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