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Brooke Jessica Kaio

Brooke Jessica Kaio says technology is a facilitator or Substitute For Human Beings. Brooke Jessica Kaio mentioned technology is the most significant invention of technology. Technology is the robots that are fed with human intellect as well as intelligence. They are trained to respond like humans in the field in the fed data. Their use is maximized in the fields of marketing and industries. 

Brooke Jessica Kaio AI

Brooke Jessica Kaio said artificial intelligence has offered many benefits to people related to business and industry. Brooke Jessica Kaio has voiced his views about the innovation and revolution that has taken place in education, marketing, and finances. The first question that occurs in the mind of readers is, has Technology replaced human beings?

Human Resources

Brooke Jessica Kaio‘s answer to this question is a lit bit complicated. It has not eradicated the human resources of the industries and markets. It has replaced them up to a certain point, but it has not entirely replaced human beings. The expertise and experience can not be gained through artificial intelligence and cannot be inserted into robots. A specific field has replaced human beings, such as heavy machinery industries, chatbots, or dangerous places in the chemical and steel industries. The major work is done with the help of machinery and artificial intelligence, while the rest of the work is done under human supervision. 

Effects Of Technology On Education

Brooke Jessica Kaio observes Technology has excellent and beneficial effects in the field of education. It has bought the World together through its unique approach to education. Education has the following benefits with the influence of Technology:

The traditional role of the teacher and education has been changing. Education is more about making pupils practical and more responsive to new technologies. The role of the teacher is revolutionize, and a teacher is more of a mentor than a traditional teacher.

Students can be admitted anywhere in the World without migration and the rest of the expenses. 

Online coaching, online learning, and online institutions are excellent sources of earning money and a facility that can be avail by anybody who wants to learn and earn at the same time.

The visualization attracts the attention of kids. Teaching students about ethics and morals is not a big issue with animated stories.

Effects Of Technology On Marketing

Brooke Jessica Kaio feels marketing has the most significant advantage of artificial intelligence. The influence of artificial intelligence has revolutionized marketing techniques. Technology has given the following benefits to the marketing field:

You can sell your products anywhere in the World. Online reputation management emerged with the success of the online business industry. This field helps the business grow by leaps and bounds by broadening the business visibility to maximum people.

In case of absence, the customer care service never stops responding because of chatbots. Chatbots are always there to help out the customers in trouble.

Effects Of Technology On Finance

Finance is all about making money. Technology has a definite benefit, and that is of making money. Earning money with the help of Technology is no more an issue. The technology has helped the human beings in raising their living standards with the following benefits:

The most significant and most adventitious benefit of Technology in finance is remote work. The facility of remote work has enabled people to stay at home and work for different people.

Automation is another possibility of increasing finances. The automation process is an excellent source of earning money in the long run.

The banking field also flourished with Technology. The invention of ATMs, online banking, deposit and transfer of money without visiting the bank, and the transfer of inter-bank data are the facilities of Technology given in finance.

Wrapping Up The Discussion

Wrapping all the discussion up, the invention of the most excellent Technology, I.e., artificial intelligence, has benefited human beings in the long run. Technology has not replaced the human beings but has made the tasks and life easier for people., Brooke Jessica Kaio said.

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