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Bagel and donuts are similar-looking food items that people like to eat. People like to consume them as morning breakfast with tasty toppings. The demand for tasty bagels is increasing day by day that is filled by new producers.

This situation calls for bagel packaging and donut boxes to showcase and protect your tasty bagels in style. Beat the competition to win more share from market sales is another reason more and more bakers are getting boxes.

Packaging suppliers with unique customization of shapes, designs, colors, and styles offer their services. They also allow you to make your brand logo custom printed with elegant text effects like embossing or debossing.

If you are not interested to hire any packaging supplier then you can get guidance on how to make boxes for your brand by yourself.

Start with deciding about packaging material for bagel boxes Production:

The packaging production process for bagel boxes or donut boxes starts with choosing the material structure. You may consider the following as packaging material.

  1. Corrugated material is good for giving stability.
  2. Cardboard material that provides strength.
  3. Kraft Paper
  4. Rigid Boxes

As you know, kraft paper is ideal for giving shape and style to bagel boxes of donut boxes. Cardboard and corrugate are good for stability to packaging due to weight and strength while rigid is perfect for transportation.

Although there is a specific material for a specific need, you can choose materials as per your desire.

Natural particles embedded material for bagel boxes:

Regardless of the choice between the available alternatives, you should at least choose a material with eco-friendly elements. Factory-made packaging has harmful chemical elements that can damage the food particles.

Customizing shapes and designs for bagel boxes:

A decision about packaging for bagel boxes or donut boxes does not end on a selection of material. Their customization is the next step that makes your packaging different from the competition.

In this competitive world, how many options for design and shapes do you have can make or break your brand. If you can create packaging for your donut boxes wholesale with a unique look, you can create a standalone identity.

With die-cutting machines, you can get uniquely shaped boxes for your bagels or donuts as you like.

An experienced packaging supplier can give you valuable insights and trends running in the market. Based on that information, you can create ideal packaging for your brand.

Various Ideas of styles for bagel boxes as per your taste:

If you are engaged with any packaging supplier, then you may have an idea of how you want or design your bagel boxes of donut boxes. if you are still figuring it out then consider a consultation session with Urgent Boxes.

If you are not concerned thinking about your ideas, you can choose one of the following styles for packaging;

  • 1-2-3 Bottom
  • Reverse Tuck End
  • Auto-Lock Bottom
  • Straight Tuck End
  • Window Cut-Out

Give your bagel boxes a unique touch of attractive graphics through custom printing:

Improved printing techniques and methods are a game-changer for the packaging industry. Instead of going for flat-looking bagel boxes or donut boxes, now you can give attractive graphics and design.

Advance features of various printing methods and techniques include;

  • Digital printing
  • Lithographic printing

Printing your brand logo is not limited to single-color but you can expand the range by using a multi-color palette. In this age of competition, you are free to imagine and advanced printing options can make it a reality for you.

Fill your packaging with text effects to give bagel boxes variation:

Apart from the overall printing of imagery or designs at your bagel boxes or donut boxes, you can give the text a unique look as well. Choosing text effects such as emboss and emboss can turn normal text into attractive text.

Finishing Add-Ons to complete the outlook of bagel boxes:

Finishing add-ons are also available to further beautify the elegance and final look of your custom boxes.

  • Spot UV
  • Silver Foiling
  • Gold Foiling
  • Matte Lamination
  • Gloss Lamination
  • Dei-Cut Dividers

All these options can make your packaging looks different from your competitors. People are also attracted to your brand due to the gloss and shine of your boxes.


Creating perfect bagel boxes or donut boxes is an art that requires time to master. Although you can create your packaging, alternatives are available too.

With expert packaging suppliers like Urgent Boxes, you can avoid the hassle and order your packaging as per your desire. A packaging team of experts can make your bagel boxes with various attractive colors and designs to match your brand.

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