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Any mountain bicycle is different from a regular cycle. The basic platform is the weight and speed of a cycle by which we can differentiate between the mountain bicycle and a regular cycle. A mountain bicycle should have endurance as a primary feature. The road bicycle is used for covering long distances and can be driven at high speed. The mountain bicycle is made with high endurance and speed as the basic model. It is not suitable for a longer distance. Both have different types of models which include gear bikes and have different parts.

Mountain Bicycle price is on the higher side because they include some primary features such as 

  1. A light frame 
  2. Gears ratio specially designed for climbing heights
  3. Powerful breaks
  4. Thick tires
  5. Seat
  6. Bike handle

Features of mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are a little expensive because they are built from expensive materials and technology which need a good amount of labor to produce and a simple ratio of high demand and supply makes it obvious to understand the relation between the competitions in the market. Mountain bicycles range from 4000 Indian Rupees to 80,000. To buy mountain bicycles you should check the features given. Price hike depends upon the details provided in that particular model. Price rise in each model is in ratio to the accessories and features provided. The more the features and advanced accessories the high will be the price of the mountain bicycles. The price of mountain bicycles has gone up over the years because of the expensive spare parts and technology.

How to get mountain bike

 You can still buy mountain bike for less money than you have imagined. In order to buy mountain bikes, you have many options. Purchasing an online mountain bike is easier. You can also visit a good bicycle store to see the availability of mountain bikes, there you can get a test ride and experience the reality of riding a mountain bike. 

The thing that you must keep in mind while hunting for a budget mountain bike is that somewhere in order to decrease the price range some components have a variation and are installed in different places in a mountain bike. This way cost-cutting is also implemented which results in a low-cost product with a little compromised feature. 

When you buy a mountain bike you must keep certain things in mind.

  1. Cycling Lights; a cyclist should choose light as an essential accessory, the biker has no control over uncertain biking conditions in the mountains. 
  2. Gears; shifting gears should be smooth so that it is not s hurdle during a smooth ride on the mountains.
  3. Tires: mountain bike is different from road bikes in many ways. Thick tires are made with better grip and strong grooves and make it easy for the biker to ride on the uneven surroundings. 

Mountain bikes are expensive because it takes time and a lot of manual labor to make a single mountain bike. Innovation, quality material, volume, and little competition are the factors that affect the price and quality of mountain bicycles.   

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