California Water Parks: Wet and Wonderful Fun for the Whole Family

Water Park Fresno Ca

How To Get to The Waterparks

California water parks are always great places to spend your summer days, get wet, have fun, and reconnect with family. Not sure where to go? Below is a list of four waterparks in California, plus directions to each one from Riverside.

Buccaneer Cove at Castle Park in Riverside

Drop Zone Waterpark in Perris

Great Wolf Lodge in Concord

Tips For Visiting Your First Theme Park

Check the website for information on attractions, deals, events, and other helpful tools that can make your visit more enjoyable. Purchase tickets online to save time waiting in line. Arrive early to avoid traffic congestion and crowds and to enjoy a leisurely day. Stay hydrated by bringing a water bottle with you to all the theme parks. Wear sensible shoes appropriate for the types of activities you plan on doing. Pack sunscreen and apply it before going outside or renting equipment. Have fun! – Dress in light clothes that cover your skin to avoid sunburns

.Bring sunblock and lip balm to protect your skin from harmful UV ray.

Dress for comfort and wear light clothing such as T-shirts, shorts, sandals, sneakers or tennis shoes. Avoid wearing heavy jackets because they will be too hot during the summer months when these outdoor theme parks are open. Bring sunglasses or an umbrella if needed because you may be out in the sun all day long while enjoying your vacation at an amusement park.

What’s New With These Resorts?

Parks are great places to get out of the house, enjoy fresh air, and exercise. Plus, they’re lots of fun! California is home to water parks that take a little bit of everything- from wet play to dry fun, so there’s sure to be something that your family will love.

Buccaneer Cove at Castle Park in Riverside has many amenities beyond just water. There is a 17-story Ferris wheel inside Buccaneer Cove where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Riverside and Orange County or try their hand at games like Duck Pond Plop or Double Shuffle Bowling. On Fridays, visitors can enjoy indoor entertainment like Arcade Golf or Outdoor Live Music.

What Is There To Do At The Resorts?

After spending a day at the parks, guests can return to their resort rooms, complete with family suites that sleep up to six people. There are on-site spas, pools, and even bowling alleys! And because of its location, all Great Wolf Lodge resorts also have outdoor water parks. The indoor splash zone features in-the-know kids’ slides, heated water jets in every pool, wild jungle animals popping out from every corner – and lots of buckets that kids can push onto one another’s heads! Outdoor waterparks feature waterslides, wave pools and lazy rivers. If you’re looking for some extra adventure during your visit, you’ll find it here. And there’s no need to go hungry or thirsty either, with many restaurants and snack bars serving mouthwatering meals throughout the day – not to mention plenty of dining options available 24 hours a day in our full-service hotels.

Tips On Saving Money When Visiting A California Resort

Staying at a California resort can be steep, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to have a great time. Check the resorts’ websites for all deals, discounts, package deals, free offers, coupons, and more. Another way to save money on a trip is by choosing a mid-week stay. This will help you avoid peak season rates (and crowds). If you’re flying in, check out sites like Kayak or Chipmunk that compare travel options and prices from many airlines. Or fly directly with Southwest Airlines, which offers limited layovers for as low as $109 one-way!

And remember, don’t forget your passport if traveling outside the country. You’ll need to show it when departing and arriving at any international airport. When purchasing airline tickets online, look for baggage fees and fuel surcharges; these are not always included in advertised airfare costs so they should be added before booking a flight. Finally, keep an eye on future deals! Vacation packages are offered throughout the year so keep checking back with your favorite destinations to see what’s new or when certain rates are being offered again!

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