Car Interior Cleaning Guide to Refresh your Ride

Interior Cleaning Guide

Have you ever noticed your vehicle and wondered how it got so nasty? While you often prioritise the exterior, interior cleaning is equally significant. Unlike at home, we seldom take care of the grimy shoe mud inside the vehicle’s mat, and frequently we munch on snacks while driving. Many activities add to the unsanitary car’s interior, which most drivers don’t stick to.

Cleaning the interior wouldn’t take you back to the brand new fragment, but it’ll certainly enhance the air quality. There must be various options for car interior cleaning Dubai and your hometown, yet you can easily do the chore yourself with a few cleaning supplies and tools. With that said, how about we get everything rolling below? 

Step # 1- Discard the Trash and Debris: 

Before pulling out the vacuum and cleaning supplies, discard all the apparent trash and debris. Check beneath the car seats, inside the dashboard and everywhere else, and get rid of all the wrappers and futile boxes. There’ll likely be trash inside the seat pockets too. So, the first step involves discarding all the objects that a vacuum can’t handle.

Step # 2- Remove and wash the foot mats:

Next, you’ve to pull the foot mats out of the car, stir them up, scrub them appropriately with a cleanser and car wash in dubai them off with warm water. Washing will make the vacuuming easier, and you probably won’t require it. At last, let them dry completely before reinstalling them.

Step # 3- Cleanse the windows and mirrors:

Get a microfiber cloth and an ammonia-free cleaner and spray it on the windows to remove the haze. Make a mixture yourself by stirring a solution of diluted dish soap with water, which is workable for removing dust, fingerprints and excess grime. Slide down the windows and start cleaning from top to bottom so you can catch any scratches along the way.  

Step # 4- Pay attention to the centre console:

The centre console generally refers to cup holders that often get messy when you store in a coffee cup while driving. If the holder is removable and allows car washing off, you must clean it with a wet sponge. Finish the procedure by wiping it down with a dry cloth and reassembling it. In addition, you can apply a microfiber cloth to clean the gearstick and a toothbrush for tight corners.

Step # 5- Remove seat stains:

If there’re stains on the front or back seats, this DIY solution will certainly come in handy. You’ve to pour two cups of water into a spray bottle with a cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of dish wash. Spray thoroughly on the stains and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes. Lastly, wipe it off with a wet towel. Moreover, if you’ve leather car seats, opt for vacuuming for deep removal of dust and grime. After vacuuming, consider rubbing a leather conditioner to restore the shininess. 

Step # 6- Disinfect the dashboard and the steering wheel:

Disinfecting the dashboard and steering wheel is mandatory since many germs and bacteria breed over it without our knowledge. You can apply a duster to remove the apparent dust from the dashboard and get a cotton swab for cleaning around vents and knobs. After that, use a slightly damp cloth to remove fingerprints from the steering wheel. 

Step # 8- Vacuuming the interior carpet:

Since we’ve already washed the foot mats of the car, it’s time to vacuum the car’s carpet. It’s one of the last steps of our car cleaning guide that sucks away all the debris present in your vents and crevices. If you’ve mistakenly poured a soft drink or any liquid over the carpet, consider using a commercial cleaner and follow the instructions properly. Don’t forget to clean the back carpet too. 

Step # 9- Spray the door panels:

At this stage, you can apply the spray on the door panels that you created earlier for the windows. Yet, make sure to clean the back doors and hatchback. And keep the doors open during the process, so the dirt and dust always fall outside the car. 

Last verdict:

When searching for technical tasks like car AC repair in Dubai or the city you reside in, you might need a professional. However, there’s nothing easier, let alone satisfying, than cleaning your car’s interior. Since a car is the most precious possession, a person can hold, do it with all your heart or else get yourself an expert. 

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