Changing Google Location Can Results in Better Experience in Some Cases

Google has a lot of personal data. Some of this data can be used for targeted ads. Other tidbits such as our location, are used to improve our mobile experiences. Although we naturally distrust Google’s intentions and are prone to mistrust, allowing Google to collect data can allow us to add functionality to our favorite apps.

It is a valuable piece of information that could be misused maliciously if it is not used properly. It can however be used to enhance our mobile experience by the company that makes the largest mobile operating system in the world. Because your location can tell a lot more about you than just where you live. It can also be combined with other data to enhance your mobile experience.

Your search results are one of the benefits to giving Google access to your location. You can change your location on Google to alter your search results. Your search results will encourage links that are local to places when you search for things and places. If you search for McDonald’s in your area, you will see the closest McDonald’s. Google Maps can be used to find the closest type of business or specific business by entering its name and “near” in the search box.  

Google’s app has one of the coolest features: it can automatically determine your home or workplace using your location data. Google will track your movements and save that information in your account. It can also provide additional assistance, such as traffic reports.

How can you spoof location methods?

We now know that Google knows where you are. How can we trick Google into believing that you’re somewhere else? Read More for tips to trick and spoof location on Google.

Create a fake location with a VPN

A VPN is the best way to hide your location. It is a permanent solution that encrypts all traffic and prevents government and ISP surveillance. Although there are many great VPN services available. They allow you to fake and change your Chrome location. They also has a solid support team, apps and device support for almost every platform. And with the best Netflix region-breaking we have seen, they are the obvious choice for anyone looking for a good VPN.

Fake your Location with location changer:

What if you don’t want Google to use the current location? Fakeloc lets you search Google as if it were in another location. This free tool allows you to check the SERPs you need. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

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