Checklist for swimming lessons – what should not be missing when learning to swim?

Checklist for swimming lessons – what should not be missing when learning to swim?

At some point, the big day comes when your child learns to swim. Swimming lessons or swimming lessons are helpful. What your child needs for lessons in the water can be found in the following checklist.

When are swimming lessons mandatory?

It is well known that swimming lessons are subject to a legal obligation. The question of when to learn to swim, on the other hand, is not so easy to answer.backpacking gadgets swimming lessons are a matter of the country. As a rule, state (and this is the emphasis) primary schools in the 3rd grade start by teaching students to swim or deepening the skills they have already acquired.

But duty does not necessarily have to give rise to something negative. In addition to the fact that for many children swimming lessons are a welcome change in everyday school life, the prevention of dangerous situations in connection with water is also obvious. It goes without saying that beginners complete the first swimming lessons with respect and sometimes fear. But this is exactly the crux of the matter: this fear should be taken away – respect is welcome to remain. You can find out how to take away your child’s fear in the article “Learning to swim for children”.

However, there are also children who cannot or are not allowed to participate in swimming lessons due to religious or health reasons. In such cases, a certificate shall be submitted.

Statistics show that about 15 percent of children living in Germany do not master swimming.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of specialist teachers at most German primary schools, so it is not uncommon for a swimming teacher with over 20 children to be thrown “into the deep end”. The resulting difficulties in being able to respond to each child and his or her claims are undisputed. If the teacher’s health fails, the swimming lessons are canceled – there is usually no catch-up date, as learning to swim plays a subordinate role in the German school system.

Nevertheless, swimming lessons are very popular with most students.

What should not be missing when learning to swim?

From a purely legal point of view, the most important element of swimming lessons is the instruction for the children and the parents. Once these “narrow” hurdles have been overcome, it is important to pack the necessary equipment to be prepared for all eventualities. It is advisable to go through and check off the checklist before each swimming lesson. As a rule, in the absence of e.B. flip-flops or necessary swimming utensils, the teaching staff must exclude the child from the lessons – this serves to protect the child and the protection of the teacher in the event of subsequent accidents/illnesses. Here is a checklist of what the child should take with them to swimming lessons:


Sports bag

The coin for the locker

Necessary medications or certificates (allergies, etc..)

Sports exemption if necessary (illness, religion, etc..)

For swimming:

Swimming trunks/swimsuit

Swimming goggles

Bathing cap


Seat towel

For the shower:


Bath towel

After showering:


Small snack

If necessary, warmer clothing for after swimming

Bag for wet things

Hairbrush, comb, hairdryer…

If you want to teach your children to swim yourself, geek usb gadgets swimming learning aids such as swimming wings, a swimming belt, or a swimming noodle should be provided at the beginning.

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