Do you feel refreshed or groggy in the morning? If you are not waking up well-rested, your bedsheets may be the cause behind it. Indeed, various reasons contribute to your good night’s sleep, such as your health, mattress, room and body temperature, routine, and well-being. 

If you are constantly observing sleepless nights, it’s time you pay close attention to your linens and pick the right bedding for your sound sleep. Before you go searching for the best bed sheet, let us tell you that silk beddings are the best bed sheets for summer and any season. 


Waking up constantly at night throws off a healthy sleep cycle that impacts your healthy living and productivity. Cooling bed linen can help you to have relaxing nights. Here are the perks of silk bedding, giving you cool and peaceful sleeping nights:

  1. Regulates Body Temperature

People admire silk a lot. Sleeping on silk feels heavenly, giving you cosy comfort. Certainly, silk fabric is the essence of luxe comfort, but it is also breathable and regulates the temperature naturally. It means the silk bedding fits your sleeping needs in any season.  

Unlike cotton sheets, silk bed sheets don’t absorb moisture but wick it, keeping you cool and dry the whole night. If you sleep in a cold environment, the silk bedding creates a thin layer of insulation which maintains the temperature to keep you warm. 

If you are looking for the bedsheets that keep you cool, pure mulberry silk bedding is the one to choose. 

  1. Retains Moisture in Hair and Skin 

If you sleep on cotton bedding, it may draw in the essential moisture from your hair, leading to frizziness. Also, it steals the softness from your skin. This is why silk bedding is essential to nourish your hair and keep them in good health. Moreover, it helps in retaining the moisture in your skin. While you enjoy the beautiful sleeping nights, it keeps your skin hydrated. 

  1. Hypoallergenic 

The nights of sweltering days feel irritating if you don’t sleep on the cold sheets—some of the sheets house dust and mites that cause allergies and don’t favour your skin. However, silk bedding is the best bedsheets for summer. With dust and mites, silk bedding is excellent for preventing irritations and inflammations. 

The luxurious soft finish of the silk bedding provides you with luxe comfort and gives you a good night’s sleep. 

Silk Bedding – Just Lie In It And Feel Better! 

Are you fed up with having interrupted sleep summer? Silk bedding is just the thing you need. Ofcourse, if you feel that might break your bank, try replacing  your pillowcases with pure  silk ones.  Having researched several brands, we found the Mayfairsilk to offer superior silk bedding. Made up of 22 momme grade 6A pure mulberry silk, these cooling bed linens give a dreamy sleeping experience. 

Made with premium quality silk, their bedding and accessories are OEKO-TEX certified (Standard 100). If you are looking for luxury and comfort, Mayfairsilk has the best silk bed sheets that you can go for.

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