Corporate America’s Best DJ and Virtual Event Host WILL GILL

DJ Will Gill is a versatile DJ who plays a variety of genres, decades, and artists that fit the event’s environment. His talent to seamlessly blend, mix and play music types while interacting with his audience makes him one of the most protean event entertainers in corporate America. He has enjoyed performing at multiple events worldwide, including high-profile company parties and festivals.

Professional event emcee Will Gill works closely with corporate event producers to host high-energy and engaging live events and live virtual conferences. With his strong charisma and personality, he has a talent that captivates both presenters and audiences. His take on a hybrid format is unmatched as he connects better with viewers at live events instead of just listening to the presentation or watching it online.

Tips for Becoming A Successful Event Emcee

Have you ever ended up being an event host for a given event? If the answer is yes, then you are indeed fortunate to have been given the opportunity. However, by accepting this invitation, one needs to be aware that this role comes with a lot of responsibilities. To ensure that your performance captivates the entire room and engages with the audience accordingly, read below for seven tips that will help you emcee like a pro.

Get To Know Your Listeners

While you’re hosting as an event presenter, it’s essential to acknowledge what type of attendees will be there at any given moment since conference-goers know whether they want a networking experience with their peers or want to hear from the decision-makers about the latest products.

A conference audience will probably want to know about new innovative features. If your presentation lacks those compulsory requirements, this will affect the overall performance that you’re delivering to your audience.

Planning Beforehand

To ensure that everything goes streamlined during your live performance and there is no unexpected hiccup, one must confirm the order of events well in advance and test it out repeatedly before opening night. In case of urgent hardware or medical emergency, an experienced emcee will also keep contact information handy, including other hosts and alternate sources, such as technicians and doctors.

Start out Strong

First impressions make or break your entire introduction. The opening minutes of your talk will set a similar tone for the rest of the event. If an emcee starts with murmurs or terrible jokes, it will set an unwelcome atmosphere for the rest of the occasion. An emcee needs to appear assertive and engaging, which establishes what the event is all about.

Self Introduction

Unfortunately, many emcees forget to tell the audience how they are connected to the event. Let them know why you were selected as a host and establish yourself by using your introduction as a first impression. If the audience deems you important, they will continue paying attention to what you have to say throughout your entire set.

Significance of an Event

As an event emcee, it’s my job to amplify the excitement of the event I’m hosting. My role is to cross-promote and expose all aspects of the event and what attendees can expect. A wedding emcee may speak to congratulate the bride and groom on starting a new family together. An emcee hosting a charity event may highlight how this particular charity has touched many lives for the greater good. It’s my job as an event emcee to showcase what makes attending the event important and exciting!

Interact with audience

An emcee who talks throughout the ceremony will likely bore the audience. By using questions and chants throughout the event, guests are more likely to feel more engaged and a part of the event. For example, at a wedding, an experienced emcee can ask for a show of hands from married folks in the crowd. An alumnus from that class could then ask for applause from everyone present. Audience participation is one way to make a longhouse dance more interesting!

Closing Speech

As an audience member, you will remember the show’s ending more than how it began. Even after the show is over, you’ll probably still be thinking about those closing remarks! That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your final words in a presentation leave guests with something to reflect on after they depart from your event. One suggestion is to do some sort of group activity (like a chant), or as a disc jockey, arrange for everyone to have one last dance.

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