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desert safari

Desert safaris have been gaining traction for some time now, thanks to the exciting cultural tours and quality tours from several Dubai tour agencies. Join a quad bike desert safari in Dubai that you can’t miss for any reason. Desert safaris are a photographer’s dream and this beautiful landscape boasts great views of both sunrise and sunset. You can use this chance to go on a wonderful journey and take amazing photos.

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Morning Dubai Desert Safari Places:

This used to be a farming village but is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai for fun and adventure. Situated about 40 kilometers from the city centre, the area is known for its huge sand dunes, making it a great place for Dubai desert safari and other fun activities.


This place is close to Dubai city and it only takes an hour to drive to the biggest desert landscapes. With luxury desert safari Dubai, you can find majestic red dunes that are great for desert camping. Visiting Al Lahbab is known as the cheapest desert safari in Dubai.

Liwa Oasis:

The largest dune covers a large area in the desert. Planet Adventures is where you can find the lowest prices for a Liwa Oasis desert safari in Dubai. They promise to give you the most authentic experience of the desert in Dubai. Liwa is at the northern end of an empty section of a desert oasis.

Morning Desert Safari:

Morning desert safaris are nice because you don’t have to stay long in the desert. A morning desert safari usually takes no more than 4-5 hours. During this time you can go out on the sands and do different fun things to see the true beauty of the desert.

 Starting early in the morning, safari guides take passengers to see the sunrise in the desert, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The whole scene shows the beauty of a calm, cool morning. It’s a wonderful feeling to think of gold tones that pull from orange to pink. Also, Dubai desert safari would not be complete without a full-fledged Dubai safari tour agency.

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