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DFC FIRST has a wide range of credit cards for your shopping convenience. So, do you shop often? If yes, you need an IDFC Credit Card to manage all your spending. This way, you can earn from your credit card spending. Well, it is a myth that credit cards put you in debt. It will happen when you don’t use the card smartly. The smarter way to use a credit card is by knowing when you will get the reward benefits and on what purchase or minimum spending. And if you take care of that, your IDFC Credit Card will provide you with cashback, vouchers, air miles, etc. Let’s find more about the IDFC Credit Cards on the page below.

Which IDFC Credit Card Will Meet My Shopping Limit?

IDFC First Select Credit Card is one such card that helps you gather more and more benefits from everyday spending. There are cashback, rewards programs, travel perks, etc. in this. Learn about the credit card offers below –

Welcome Benefits for the Cardholder

When getting your IDFC First Select Credit Card, the bank will provide you with the following welcome gifts –

Vouchers Worth INR 500

You can get INR 500 gift vouchers if you spend INR 15,000 within 90 days of card generation. Only billed transactions will make you eligible for this offer. Refund transactions if any shall be deducted from the total transaction amount. So, do take care of that if you want this welcome gift.

To claim the voucher, visit the Redemption portal and log in using your sixteen-digit credit card number. Click on ‘Welcome Benefits’ and select the voucher from the available brands. Confirm the selected voucher. Now, the voucher details would be sent to your registered email address and mobile no.

5% Cashback 

When you do up to INR 1,000 transactions within 90 days of card generation, the bank will provide 5% cashback. so, this will be easier for you to achieve within the 90 days of card generation.

Note – A cardholder will be entitled to only one Welcome Gift Offer during the Programme Period, irrespective of the number of cards linked to the same billing account.

Services Complimentary with the IDFC First Select Credit Card

Check out the list of services and benefits available under this IDFC Credit Card –

  • 300+ merchant offers that will help you get up to a 20% discount 
  • Discount on your meals at 1500+ partnered restaurants
  • Up to 15% discount at 3,000+ Health & Wellness outlets
  • Four complimentary domestic airport and railway lounge visits per quarter
  • Complimentary roadside assistance worth INR 1,399 for your road trips
  • Fuel surcharge waiver of 1% across India, subject to a maximum of INR 300 per month

So, if your existing credit card doesn’t come with these benefits, switch to IDFC First Select Credit Card.

How to Get an IDFC First Select Credit Card?

You can apply for the card online by following these steps –

  • Visit the IDFC FIRST official website, you can do the same on your mobile or laptop
  • Go to the credit cards section 
  • Find ‘IDFC First Select Credit Card’ 
  • Click on ‘Apply Now’ 
  • Fill in your details such as name, mobile number, email address, etc.
  • Complete a video KYC 
  • Click on ‘Submit’

Wait for the bank’s response. Upon approval of the credit card request, you’ll be notified via SMS or email. In the meantime track your IDFC Credit Card Status by following the steps below –

  • Visit the credit card portal
  • Click on ‘Track My Application’
  • Enter your date of birth and mobile phone number
  • Click on ‘Get OTP’
  • Enter the received OTP

Now, the status of your credit card application will be on your screen. A yellow clock mark means the decision is pending, red means rejected and green is approved. So, keep track of IDFC Credit Card Status while applying for an IDFC First Select Credit Card.

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