Essential Traits of Account Managers You Must Look For

When employed as virtual sales reps, a marketing account manager works as a direct contact line between clients and a marketing company. 

  • They are responsible for communicating with existing or new clients to develop their accounts and connecting with various agency departments to create and implement marketing campaigns. 
  • They are also responsible for resolving issues and communicating with clients throughout the campaign to ensure client satisfaction. 

The career typically requires a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or a related field and relevant experience in advertising. Additional qualifications include strong interpersonal, communication, organizational skills, and problem-solving ability.

If you need a virtual sales rep for your brand or company, here are other essential traits they must have to be effective account managers:


Since virtual sales reps are a vital link between the agency and its clients, they must work with all parties to identify the services that may be used to create or enhance a business. This interaction helps the agency broach the topics of expanding their existing relationship with their client. 

Account managers establish their network of contacts and recommend larger budgets for various projects. They can contribute significantly to the scale of current projects and achieve the results they were hired to produce and then some.

Concise Communicator

Communicating with clients and colleagues helps everyone work together better. Great account managers regularly share critical information, whether campaign updates to clients, client insights to colleagues to use in campaigns, or senior management’s state of account health.

As virtual sales reps, great account managers also listen more than they talk. They ask questions to learn what’s going on, and they don’t wait for others to decide to speak to them. They genuinely want everyone to succeed, so they must proactively dig into issues and get people to talk about them.

Recognition of All Their Constituencies

Great account managers must serve all of your constituencies: clients, senior management, and the people they call “team members” (agency-speak for revenue-generating employees). Their work is a balancing act to make sure you meet everyone’s needs and expectations. If a virtual sales rep underutilizes any leg of that stool, the entire enterprise is thrown off balance.

Organization Skills

A strong account manager is highly organized and self-starting to get their work done. They’ll need to be able to take a project and scope it out with timelines, deliverables, and people to ensure that all the deliverables are checked off on time.

Outside-the-Box Thinker

These virtual sales reps are ultimately responsible for managing the relationship with your clients, not just their campaigns. Clients have goals and specific marketing problems that they’re dealing with, so an account manager must take the time to learn about the client’s company, industry, and issues. This allows them to tailor the campaigns to meet these goals and problems through meaningful, creative solutions that help the client stand out in a crowd. These virtual sales reps help you stand out as an agency whose expertise isn’t confined to running the same campaigns each quarter.

Work with Virtual Sales Reps Today

Despite their virtual work, these account managers are your representatives to clients, fellow employees, and other stakeholders throughout a project. Maintaining a well-oiled team means having virtual sales reps with these essential traits to ensure success from beginning to end.
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