For water heater replacement you need to know Everything

Handyman work

The water heater is no exception: over time. According to handyman work it inevitably wears out, its performance decreases and your comfort deteriorates. This is why opting for an efficient water heater adapted to the number of inhabitants of the accommodation is essential! So how much does a water heater replacement cost and how do you choose one? All the answers to your most common questions about water heater replacement are here!

Replacing my water heater: what budget should I plan?

Replacing a water heater after handyman work is often synonymous with removing the old one and blocking the pipes. Always in compliance with environmental and legal standards. This is why we advise you to go through a professional. For addition to approximately €200 excluding to the price of the water heater, the latter will ensure the good condition of your installation, and therefore the proper functioning of your appliance in the long term.

Good to know: if your accommodation is more than two years old, you can benefit from reduced VAT on materials and labor. Please note that to benefit from this financial boost, the replacement and installation of your water heater must be carried out by professionals. If you prefer to buy your equipment yourself, you will have to pay the “normal” VAT of 20%.

The price of an electric water heater

For an electric water heater, you will have to pay between €150 and €750 if you opt for a 200I model with an armored resistance, not including installation costs. If you choose a model with soapstone resistance, your budget will be between 250 € and 1200 €.

Finally, for an instant model, and not including the cost of installation, it will cost you between €150 and €300.

The price of a solar water heater

Count between €6,700 and €8,200 excluding tax, including €5,200 for supplies for a solar water heater. The labor will cost you approximately between €1,500 and €3,000.

The cost of a gas water heater

A water heater with a power of 8.7 kW costs approximately €800 excluding VAT, including €200 for labor. You will find in the table below the minimum, average and maximum prices recorded. So various websites, and from which averages were taken.

You will find in the table below the minimum, average and maximum prices recorded on various websites, and from which averages were taken.

All about the non-return valve: operation and usefulness

Are you regularly bothere by a handyman in Dubai odors in your bathroom or kitchen? Your plumbing system could be the scene of happy water movements. Discreet, efficient, and quick to install, the non-return valve is a solution that has many advantages. Back to this device and how it works.

The flap or double flap valve

This type of valve can be use in vertical or horizontal pipes. Fluids are block using a counterweight or spring mechanism, which in particular prevents water hammers (sudden release of water when you open your tap after a long period of inactivity).
It is compatible with high flow rates and low pressures.

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