Forget About Painful Periods By Using These Herbs

If you go through the menstrual cycle, you know how painful it is to endure those days. Menstrual cramps result from the contractions of the uterus. It causes aches, throbbing, pain, and spasms in the lower abdomen and the pelvic area. A build-up of hormones like prostaglandins is responsible for causing these cramps. Usually, people tend to ignore this discomfort. However, you do not need to endure severe menstrual pain. You can always consult a doctor in case of extreme and uncontrollable pain. Taking over-the-counter medicines also serves as an aid. Nowadays, many people are also considering the usage of herbs to reduce period pain and discomfort. Such simple yet effective remedies help soothe pain much faster and with ease. Such herbs include carom seeds, ginger, Fructus gardenia, and Delta 8 flower for quick relief. 

What Makes Period Pain Unbearable?

Periods can be non-painful for some people, while they can be extremely painful for others. One reason for painful periods can be menstrual cramps. These cramps can range from a mild nuisance residing in you for a few days to several days of unbearable pain in your abdomen. They hinder your day-to-day activities and restrict you to just your bed. Do you wonder what causes such extreme pain? You experience such pain because of uterine contractions that happen before or during the onset of your period. A hormone called prostaglandin is responsible for triggering muscle contractions in your uterus. The contractions in the uterus help shed its lining. Menstrual cramps with lower intensity are common. However, secretion of high prostaglandin is associated with severe menstrual cramps that are painful – making period pain unbearable.

Get Rid of Menstrual Pain with these Herbs

If you have severe menstrual cramps and pain, you know ignoring them is not a choice you can make. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can alleviate period pain. One of the most popular methods is using herbs or herbal products. Here, we will look at some herbs that help relieve period pain.

1.   Ginger

Chinese medicine uses ginger because of its warming ability in the body. Ginger helps expel cold from the body. It can enable the body to throw the common cold out. You can also use ginger to soothe your stomach in case of nausea. To your surprise, ginger also helps cure seafood poisoning. But you might wonder how ginger does all this. It is because ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. Prostaglandins are hormones that help the uterus contract during menstruation and shed its lining. However, excess of these hormones causes painful menstrual cramps. Ginger blocks excess prostaglandin formation in the body and serves as an aid. Ginger taken along with using a heating pad can tremendously help reduce period cramps. It occurs because of the warming properties of ginger. Its soothing effect on digestion is helpful in loose stools, nausea, and bloating around your period.

2.   Fennel

Fennel is a herb with a celery-like crunch. It relieves spasms as it contains a compound called anethole that reduces spasms. A study found that fennel extract with a pinch of Vitex Agnus castus worked well in relieving menstrual cramps. Fennel also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can hence relax your uterine muscles. If you always experience severe menstrual cramps, add a cup of fennel seeds to a cup of hot boiling water. Later, mix it with honey and drink it thrice a day. It will regulate your bleeding and reduce menstrual pain.

3.   Fructus Gardenia

Fructus Gardenia or Zhi Zi is a herb that clears heat from the body. It is a cooling herb that helps with symptoms caused by heat irritation. These include irritability, anger, poor sleep, stuffy sensation in the chest, and feeling hot. If you have troubled sleep during your period, Fructus gardenia can help you get quality sleep and feel less anxious. It will also reduce acne produced because of heat in your body. You will feel less moody and be able to concentrate on your day’s task efficiently. Gardenia also protects your liver and has a sedating, calm effect.

4.   Delta 8 Flower

Delta-8 is a high-potency strain of marijuana. It was genetically modified to create a high level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and comparatively lower levels of cannabidiol (CBD). Delta-8 is used to treat cramps and period pain. You can take it orally and block the action of the nerve signals that cause muscle contractions – central to menstrual cramps. During the menstruation cycle, your pelvic area becomes more sensitive to other pain signals. It makes it necessary for you to take painkillers to reduce this pain. Delta-8 herb undoes the swelling of tender muscles during periods and lessens the water retention in the body, thereby reducing swelling. This herb is a natural herbal remedy used by multiple menstruators to alleviate period pain. It also stabilizes mood swings by blocking the effects of serotonin and norepinephrine hormones. Delta-8 flower improves your sleep, calms your nerves, and prevents bloating and the formation of acne.

5.   Angelica Sinensis

Angelica Sinensis or Dang Gui is a common gynecological herb that facilitates reproductive health. Taking angelica Sinensis can significantly improve blood flow circulation before the period starts to prevent cramping. Once your period is over, it helps to rebuild the blood lost. Angelica’s unique pharmacological effects include relaxing the uterus when it is in a contracted state. Hence, it helps calm cramps and reduces pain. It also has an antiplatelet result; it promotes blood movement and keeps it from stagnating. Stubborn cramps happen from a lack of blood circulation. To your astonishment, angelica has also shown to have similar effects to aspirin. Its anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic effect are both more potent than aspirin.


Undoubtedly, period pain can be very exhausting. Your body is shedding blood, your uterine muscles are contracting, and you are anxious and tired. Severe menstrual cramping can affect your everyday tasks. But there are many ways in which you can alleviate your period pain. Using herbs as natural remedies can go a long way in reducing menstrual agitation. Herbs such as ginger, fenugreek, fennel, delta-8, angelica gardenia, and many more have abundant benefits. Read about the symptoms you are facing and the qualities of specific herbs. Be ready for your next period without any worry!

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