Get creative and make your own mug

Get creative and make your own mug

Are you looking for an unforgettable gift for your friend or family member? Do you want to buy yourself something completely unique? Or maybe you aim to create unique marketing gadgets for your company? Do you want to find something practical yet highly personalized? It seems like designing your own mug is exactly what you’ve been searching for all this time! Of course, you can do all of that online in just a few minutes, thanks to internet companies who offer custom gadgets.

Affordable custom mugs for every occasion

It is worth mentioning that you may choose from almost any type of mug you want! Two-tone coffee cups, versions with inner dye, travel mugs, and even color changing models – all of these and more wait for you to put your own spin on them. Of course, you can select various sizes of products as well to create the items that suit your needs the most. So what exactly can you put on the product you order? Well, that’s the thing – everything you want! When you make your own mug, you can take full control and decide precisely what your item will show. It may be a favorite design, family photo, selfie with your friends, a motto that keeps you going, lyrics from a song, or even some funny meme that always makes you laugh. The call is yours! However, be sure to choose a company that provides an intuitive platform that will allow you todesign your own mug quickly and efficiently. With a friendly and accessible interface, you should spend just a few minutes creating your unique project, not the whole day.

Design your own mug and promote your brand

Of course, custom mugs are an excellent idea not only for personal use or a gift for a friend, but they can be used as promotional gadgets for your company as well. You may simply add a logo or a business slogan on each product or create a more ambitious design to boost the final look of the mug. No matter what you choose, it’s a great way to increase the marketing potential of your brand tenfold! Give the branded mugs to your employees during onboarding or as a Christmas gift, and be sure to share them with any present and potential clients as well.

Tips to Design Your Own Mug

The following are some of the tips that you must keep in mind while designing your own mug.


·         Plan the Design

Before starting the designing process, prepare a plan in your mind. Make sure your entire design is planned from start to end. You must ensure that the design fits on the mug space.

·         Choose a Base Mug

Make sure you choose a mug that is easy to take care of and stands for years of use. Also, choose mugs that are dishwasher-safe so that the designs do not fade off.

·         Choose the Base Color

Color adds a real impact to your design. However, too much color can overpower the image and may end up looking a real mess.

·         Choose A Bigger Cup

Prefer choosing a bigger mug. It’s necessary because coffee and tea drinkers love adding a little extra beverage in their cups. Also, a larger volume cup stands up to lashings of cream, dollops of sugar, and even a bit of tipple.

·         Don’t Copy

Make sure you aren’t copying the design from other fellows or from the internet. If you do so, you must credit the author for their work.

·         Wrapping is Important

Either you are designing your mug for business or just want to gift it to your friend, packaging the final product is essential as it enhances the beauty of the product. Choose a durable and a sturdyt box to pack the cup.

Before placing the cup in the box, wrap it in a tissue paper and nestle it inside. Close and secure the box and add wrapping of your choice so that it appears to be perfect for gift giving.

·         Don’t Overdo

If you try to add complicated stuff or designs, the design will lose originality and will appear unrealisitc. So, you must add simple designs and graphics and skip the complicated things.

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