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best data scientist certifications

The most in-demand technical education nowadays is data science, whose wave has engulfed the globe and is propelling the tech breakthrough to new heights. It is likely to be accepted that the enormous need for data science is caused by the size of the data.

All firms that wish to use this data to construct models that will assist them in identifying patterns, consumer preferences, and emerging trends are using data science. The knowledge of certified data scientists aids in the development of effective data science teams, standardized processes, skill-sets, and intelligent software.

Industry demand for data scientists is booming

Data science platforms are anticipated to have a long-term market value of 178 billion US dollars by 2025. The primary factor driving this enormous increase is that organizations are willing to invest any sum they can in analyzing both structured and unstructured data to determine how they might use it in a meaningful way. Companies seek to employ effective methods to filter the available data and evaluate how they may develop prediction models to research consumer trends, a potential downturn, and competitor analysis to raise revenue, push market boundaries, and improve the customer base.

It is now necessary to comprehend what it requires to become the finest data scienceA profession in data science is a wise choice right now, not just because of the handsome salaries or the demand, but also because economies can change merely as a result of data, which a skilled data scientist can produce.

Top data scientist certifications to bag in 2022

Along with the fundamental educational requirements, data science certifications show what skills and expertise you have. If you have achieved excellence in a particular sector and top certifications, you can go up the ladder in this business. A pivot for any organization’s enhanced growth is a certified data scientist.  Certifications unequivocally prove that you have spent time, money, and effort honing your skills and being a better data scientist, and no employer would pass over a solid portfolio that highlights your skills, experience, and propensity for creating successful data science projects.

Harvard Data Science Professional

The data science certification program by Harvard teaches you the essentials of data science, including R and machine learning, using real-world case studies. The program highly focuses on providing:

  • Experience with tidyverse including data wrangling and data visualization
  • In-depth knowledge of  contemporary data science concepts
  • Statistical concepts such as modeling, inference, probability,  and application of the same in real-world projects.

This program is self-paced, suitable for beginners, and does not require any pre-requisites.

Senior Data Scientist (SDSTM)

Offered by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA), this is a powerful and one of the best data scientist certifications for data science professionals and experts who want to demonstrate their data leadership potential and show off their expertise in the cutting-edge data science. The online resources and a well-balanced curriculum offered to prepare for the data science certification exam cover all vital aspects of the field.

This is an online certification program where the candidates for this certification must have a solid understanding of the 4IR technology developments as well as a rich, robust perspective on them. They also need to have advanced knowledge of how data science intersects with other areas of computer science, engineering, business, and industry. They must have extensive experience in designing, creating, and managing business intelligence/data management infrastructure in enterprises.

IBM Data Science Professional

Offered by IBM this data scientist certification will aid professionals in developing, testing, and training data models. Beginners will be able to learn the core areas of data science as well as the key functions of a data scientist. Data mining, deep learning, and machine learning are some of the major skills that you will gain by earning this certification. Additionally, you will also gain a digital badge that will showcase your proficiency in this field.

This program consists of eight courses and is completely online.

Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS)

This is an experienced-based certification, without any conventional tests or training programs. You will begin at level one as a certified data Scientist, advance to level two to become a master data scientist, and then complete level three to become a distinguished certified data scientist by passing the exam. Application for certification, filling out an application for experience, and attending a board review are the three key steps necessary to obtain this certification.

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