Good Repair Business Operations need Good Inventory Management

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Staying on top of your inventory needs is a must for successful and smooth flow of business operations. What this means is that your inventory levels need to stay at par with your monthly/weekly parts requirements. 

You don’t want to turn back any customer because you don’t have the required parts in your inventory. Having a good repair shop software helps repair businesses with their inventory management.

Benefits of Systemizing Repair Business Operations

Keep yourself updated with all the inventory levels of various items which helps you in keeping track of the entire journey each of your items take — from vendor to your store to your customer.

Conveniently organize all your inventory needs and requirements. Your inventory management becomes effortless with a repair shop software.

Rid yourself from manually managing your inventory levels. Forget paperwork and boring spreadsheets, automate the process and save yourself time and money!

Never has inventory management become so hassle-free without automation. Such POS software enables you to take full advantage of their functionality. Your needs and pains get resolved with inventory management software.

As a repair business owner, you can easily create your store’s purchase orders and transfer items/products from one store to another.

Additionally, these softwares enable you to make volume adjustments at any time and perform inventory item counts — All from a unified single platform, which also offers remote accessibility.

Role of Inventory Management Software

Your day-to-day tasks as a repair shop owner are diverse and can become cumbersome. Using automated software solutions to sort out your woes are the best way to go about them.

Amongst the multitude of beneficial features offered in your Cell Phone repair shop POS software, let’s list down the most important ones to make your life easier.

  • Inventory Upkeep
  • Purchase Order
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Serialized Inventory
  • Barcode Scan 
  • Tax Class
  • GRN
  • Low Stock Report
  • Inventory Adjustment

Now let’s highlight some major changes each will bring to your store after automation via an inventory management software.

Inventory Upkeep

Utilize your POS system in a way that you stay informed about the stocks left in your inventory. Ensuring the appropriate stock level for any and all items helps your repair business run smoothly.

Instead of keeping a check on your inventory physically or manually, the software updates the count every time an item or a product gets swiped through a barcode scanner.

In short, no need to go back and change the count of items every day after work. Your Cell Phone repair shop POS software has got that for you!

Creating Purchase Orders

Ever run out of parts mid repair? A nightmare for sure!

Integrate your POS system with a software to manage your inventory levels so that you can work without any unforeseen situation. 

You can easily configure your repair shop software to send out purchase orders, with your approval of course. Have a list of favorite vendors and allocate each item with a supplier.

This way any time your inventory levels get low, the software instantly sends out purchase orders to replenish the missing parts.

And Voila! No more shortage of parts!

Inventory Transfer

For instance, you own multiple repair stores and have to manage the inventory needs of all stores. In such cases, you can easily transfer parts from the inventory of one store to another. 

The possibility of this becomes a reality with the integration of a POS system that can manage your inventories. Transfer items from your inventory of one store to another with a few clicks. 

All such moves are recorded in the Inventory Transfer Orders lists, which can be accessed later on for reviews and any dispute management. 

Serialized Inventory

Having serials in place enables you to conveniently trace similar or same items from different vendors and suppliers. It helps differentiate them.

Do you know the tracking benefits of serial numbers in inventory management?

Here are a few to help you understand:

  1. Purchase date
  2. Supplier/Vendor
  3. Purchase Order number allocated to an item
  4. Purchaser (Customer)
  5. Invoice Number
  6. Date of Sale
  7. Cost Price
  8. Sale Price

If you ever land in a dispute situation, you can always scan your serial number to extract the details you need to help solve disputes.

Having a software to manage your inventory, you’ll be able to find the initial state of items when they were received from a vendor.

In case a faulty item was received from the vendor, you can highlight the issue and easily send it out for replacements.

Barcode Scanning

Using serial numbers helps organize your inventory levels and lets you keep track of it without having to physically visit the warehouse and count your items one by one.

Scan your inventory items with a barcode reader and instantly pull up all the details you need in your POS system. 

This will enable your repair store employees to generate tickets and invoices faster.

Good Received Notes (GRNs)

So you place a purchase order to replenish your inventory stock levels and the vendor sends you all what you’ve requested.

Now you can either manually enter the parts in your inventory, or use a software-backed barcode scanner to log all the entries. 

When complete, you’ll have to create a GRN to highlight the condition of the items you’ve received. 

Low Stock Report

One of the most beneficial features offered by an inventory management software is the variety of reports it can generate. 

You can easily keep track of the items in your inventory and get instant notification everytime a part’s count falls below the predetermined threshold.

You can also configure your POS system to automatically send out orders for replenishment, with or without your approval.

Inventory Adjustment

A repair business owner is in a position to easily forecast demand levels of any item and strategize their inventory into maintaining its minimum count at all times.

This gives you more free hours at hand and you can use them at other productive ends and focus on growing the business.

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