Have a great Aconcagua trekking experience with us.

Have a great Aconcagua trekking experience with us.

We are the most famous and oldest Aconcagua company in the world.  Every year, we try to help our climbers get an unforgettable memory.  We are renowned for our Aconcagua treks and climbing.  While trekking, climbing can be very challenging because it has various routes.  But we can assure you that you can reach the summit safely with the help of our excellent services.  We have our great team who will accompany you throughout your trekking journey.

Trek Aconcagua in the safest way with us

We provide our best services for Aconcagua trekking and climbing.  We mainly focus on our customer’s priority.  Our incredible team of local and authorized mountain guides will be with you for your security, and they will also acknowledge you about Aconcagua Mountain.  Although we will protect you from unexpected incidents, you must not encourage doing some strange things.  This can be dangerous for you and us also. 

While climbing the mountain of Aconcagua is challenging because of its various routes and difficulties.  But with the help of our advanced basic training, you will be able to reach the summit safely.  By Aconcagua trekking, you will be able to live an incredible experience and get an opportunity to meet different climbers from different countries. 

Join us trekking to plaza de mulas

We provide our services to Aconcagua treks.  Plaza de mulas is the best-known visited base camp in Aconcagua Park.  While trekking with us, you will have the best expedition of your life.  While hiking in Aconcagua has a low level of difficulty and risk.  You can also privately trek Aconcagua.  You can choose to trek Aconcagua privately and share your departure date with your fellow mates.  This cost is higher than the usual open treks in Aconcagua. 

Trekking mount Aconcagua is for eight days, and it is about 36 kilometers long.  It has a difference of level of about 1500 meters from the Aconcagua trek to the park entrance.

You will get a chance to explore yourself and get an opportunity to have unexpected life experiences and valuable lessons.  If you are interested in a private way, then contact us.  The standard price for booking is USD 1390 per person.  By early booking, you can have the advantage that the expected cost will be USD 1250 per person.

Aconcagua trek to plaza francia

Plaza Francia is a four days trek.  And it has the starting point for the ascent to the fascinating and dangerous south wall.  About 3000 meters of level differences will dazzle you with an array of glaciers.  Plaza Francia covers almost 26 kilometers and 1400 levels of difference from the Aconcagua park entrance.  The standard price for this trekking is USD 690 per person, and you will get an advantage for early booking by USD 590.

We at Acorama also provide a private way to trek and climb the mountain Aconcagua, including all the necessary facilities.  If you are interested, then please ask us about Aconcagua trekking.

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