How Can a Surrogacy Agency Help You?

How Can a Surrogacy Agency Help You?

Beginning a new family becomes a dream for many as they are diagnosed with medical conditions that prevent them from pregnancy. It is a huge decision that the intended parent needs to make as it involves a lifetime commitment. The surrogacy procedure has many technicalities that cannot be understood easily when working independently. A surrogacy agency is a blessing whether you want to give the gift of life and become a surrogate mother or find a surrogate mother.

Let us see how a surrogacy agency can help you in your surrogacy journey-

What is a Surrogacy Agency?

The surrogacy agencies help you move through the tricky and complicated surrogacy journey. They have a professionally trained and experienced team of agents that guide you through surrogacy, from attorneys to medical assessments. Many surrogacy agencies with various locations provide their services to Americans and non-residents who want to grow their families.

What are the Different Types of Surrogacy Agencies?

Surrogacy agencies can be of two types depending on their size and services. These are-

  • Partial-service agencies: 

As the name suggests, partial-service surrogacy agencies only offer some services compared to full-service surrogacy agencies. The difference may also be in the depth of guidance offered at each step. They offer their clients matching candidates as surrogates and egg donors but cannot offer an in-house legal team of attorneys to handle the legal requirements.

  • Full-service agencies: 

Working with full-service agencies gives you peace of mind and time to focus on things that matter the most. These agencies offer consultation, support, and guidance from the first step to the final. Full-service surrogacy agencies cover everything from matching you with the suitable surrogate, egg donor, and intended parent to completing the legal liabilities at the end of the surrogacy procedure. 

Working with full-service agencies can be more costly because they offer step-by-step guidance. They have an experienced team of social workers, lawyers, intake associates, accountants, program managers, fertility clinics, and coordinators. 

Why Should You Work with a Surrogacy Agency?

While many people choose independent surrogacy in which you do not have to work with any agency and find a surrogate mother, complete the legal and linguistic liabilities yourself, and go through the journey with the surrogate mother, it is preferred to work with a surrogacy agency. Here are some ways that a surrogacy agency can help you complete your surrogacy procedure-

  • They conduct thorough background checks on surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents for their history.
  • In-depth screening ensures all involved families are emotionally and financially stable, ready, and serious about the procedure.
  • Consultation programs for one-to-one consultations to provide information about the journey.
  • Personal matching programs for the surrogate to meet suitable intended parents and vice versa.
  • Set up communication between clinics, attorneys, accountants, social workers, and everyone involved in the surrogacy procedures.
  • Consultation services support the emotional journey of becoming a parent or a surrogate mother.
  • Post-birth services when the intended parents and surrogate mother have to leave.

Is Surrogacy Agency the Only Option?

Surrogacy agencies benefit the intended parents and surrogates who do not know where to begin their journey. While hiring an experienced full-service surrogacy agency is always preferred, you can also choose to work independently. Independent surrogacy means you do not hire any agent to help you guide you through the surrogacy process. 

Some steps of the surrogacy process can be tiring, time-consuming, and complex to do on your own; hence, independent surrogacy can be stressful for everyone involved. Most intended parents who choose independent or private surrogacy already know their surrogates and only hire surrogate attorneys to meet their legal requirements.

Private Surrogacy:

When looking for a private surrogate, you may not be required to work with a full-service surrogacy agency. Here is what you can do to find the right surrogate. If you can afford it, ask your intended parents to set up a meeting with several potential surrogates. This is an option only when you are working with an agency. You can also find and meet a surrogate through a private agency.

Need More Details About the Surrogacy Agencies?

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