How can you improve your heart health?

heart health

No matter what your age is, taking steps to keep your heart happy and healthy is important.

While the main purpose of the heart is to pump blood around the body, but it also helps in sustaining the bodily processes and keeping your healthy overall.

Hence, knowing how one can improve their heart’s health is vital. Of course, those with health problems or heart issues already should confer with their Cardiologist in Karachi with regards to their heart and its health.

Improving your heart health

Deep breathing once in a while is good

Our breathing has a vital role to play in our wellbeing. Deep breathing not only is helpful for the overall health, but it also aids in keeping your body destressed as well. It also helps in making your heart healthy as well.

Don’t skip breakfast

Yes, you are in the rush in the morning, but your habit of skipping breakfast is not good for your heart. So, make sure you start your day with a healthy breakfast and take the best heart probiotic on the market.. Avoid pastries and refined flour, but take nuts, yogurt, fruit, lean protein etc.

Grab some nuts

Nuts are not just yummy, but they are excellent for your health as well, especially heart health. Nuts like almonds, walnuts etc. have healthy nutrients that make your heart happy as well.  

Floss, please

Flossing, of all things, can also help in keeping your heart healthy. The bacteria that occupy the gums can also endanger the heart as well, so make sure that make flossing a habit.

Have some chocolate

One easy and rather delicious way to keep your heart happy is by eating chocolate, although it has to be dark chocolate. Full of antioxidants, dark chocolate is good for reducing the damage done by free radicals alongside lowering inflammation in the body. This in turn reduces the risk of heart disease then.

Live your life

Living your life and existing are two different things. Most of us are unfortunately not living our lives. We are not enjoying experiences that give us joy, we don’t take steps to keep ourselves happy, we don’t consider our pleasure.

What we do is take enormous amounts of stress, live to work, neglect our health. These not only affect the quality of your life, but also endanger your heart health as well.

So, try to enjoy your life. Make your happiness a priority. Don’t get obsessed with working; do quality work, but don’t make it the sole purpose of your life. Take pleasure in small activities. Enjoy and live each moment.

Sea food is good

Seafood is good for not just the brain, but it can keep your heart healthy as well. Seafood, as opposed to red meat, has lesser fat and calories, so is better for the weight and cholesterol levels.

Walk, even if you keep it brief

People assume that to keep their heart healthy, they must have a gym membership under their belt, love working out and all day they dream about their yoga mat. Since this much love for physical activity is not possible for most of us, people then refrain from working out altogether.

However, to keep your heart happy, you just need a moderate about of workout. Taking a walk, even if it’s for ten minutes is helpful.

Smoker? Not any more

If you want to live with a healthy heart, you must quit smoking. There are many dangers that cigarettes pose to the health overall, apart from of course endangering your life altogether.

Hence, take steps to leave this toxic habit. You may use nicotine patches, hypnosis or take similar steps to ensure that you give up on the life-threatening habit.

Visit your doctor

Often, people don’t go to the doctor until the situation becomes alarming. Naturally, this practice is not healthy for the heart. So, visit your doctor at Fauji Foundation Hospital for to get regular checkups.

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